Export Lotus Notes

Tool to Export Lotus Notes Database

A simplified way to transfer Lotus Notes Archive and Backup Files to another system

  • Provide complete export Lotus Notes emails with attachments
  • Accurate and unharmed export Lotus Notes emails to the hard drive
  • Export Lotus Notes groups, archives, backup files
  • Export Lotus Notes database without hampering any file
  • Easy transfer Lotus Notes archive to another computer
  • Complete View of Lotus Notes database before transfer
  • Export Lotus Notes database attachments with filtration option
  • Access Lotus Notes database to another computer in an effortless manner

How to Export Lotus Notes Emails?

When users want to access Lotus Notes database to another system it requires the transfer of emails from one system to another. Using the defined tool here, one can easily export Lotus Notes database attachments without any loss of information.

Key Features to Transfer Lotus Notes Archive to Another Computer


Entire Lotus Notes database export

Users can export all emails, email properties, and attachments without any trouble. Archive and backup Lotus Notes files are also supported to export into another system or mail program. Without any danger to any file, the export task is completed.


Facility to remove empty folders

In case, you have empty folders in the database, they can be simply removed and hence the process to export Lotus Notes Groups is completed in a seamless manner. In this way, users get conversion of required database.


100% secure export

Security is the main key point which should be considered while transfer Lotus Notes archive to another computer. With this program, one can always get a safe and accurate export of Lotus Notes mailbox items.


Access Lotus Notes emails to other mail programs

One can easily export Lotus Notes archives & other items and access them easily on other mail programs with other systems using this program. In this way, the Lotus Notes database can be accessed to various Windows & Mac operating systems.

Tools Faq's

Yes, all versions of Lotus Notes are supported by the tool.
No, it works only for Windows platforms. It does not support Mac OS.
No, the whole data export is done with safety so the originality of the files is maintained.

Client Reviews

Jonathan Mayled

United States

  I have exported the complete database of Lotus Notes without any difficulty. I am amazed at the performance of the program.  



  No delays, only safe export Lotus Notes emails with attachments which I analyzed with this utility. I want to suggest needful users choose this for Lotus Notes database export to another system.   



  I have moved a huge database of Lotus Notes to my hard drive with this program without any disturbances and data losses. I consider this tool a smart and perfect one to export Lotus Notes database.