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  • How to Fix Corrupted Word Docx Files?

    Posted on Saturday 18th May, 2024

    Corrupted Word files can affect your daily work so it becomes mandatory to repair the corrupted Word files. However, there might be many reasons for Word file corruption but regardless of the reasons,

  • How to Fix Corrupted Excel XLS and XLSX Files?

    Posted on Friday 17th May, 2024

    Summary: This post depicts different ways to fix MS Excel file corruption. It will talk about free and automated ways to resolve corruption of Excel XLS and XLSX files. Encountering a corrupt MS Excel

  • How Can I Recover an Overwritten PowerPoint File

    Posted on Wednesday 8th May, 2024

    Introduction: In the accelerating digital world, mishaps are bound to happen. One common mishap is the overwritten PowerPoint file. It’s not unusual when you’re passionately designing your PowerPo

  • Export WhatsApp Contacts to CSV or Excel from iPhone and Android

    Posted on Thursday 25th April, 2024

    Attempting to export contacts from WhatsApp to a CSV or Excel file but failed to do so? This article will assist you with the top methods to export WhatsApp contacts to CSV or Excel from Android and i

  • How to Import Contacts from a VCF file to a Samsung phone?

    Posted on Wednesday 24th April, 2024

    Query: Hi, I have some VCF files saved on my PC and I want to import those VCF files to my Samsung Phone. How can I safely import VCF contacts to my Samsung phone? VCF file is easily readable by any A

  • How to Perform SQL Suspect Database Recovery

    Posted on Wednesday 17th April, 2024

    Overview: Go through this post and find solutions to recover the SQL database marked as suspect. Here, we will discuss two solutions to recover the SQL database in suspect mode. When the SQL database

  • How to Transfer Juno Email to Gmail Account? – A Complete Guide

    Posted on Tuesday 16th April, 2024

    Need a smart way to transfer Juno emails to Gmail as you are shifting to Gmail from Juno Mail? If your response is yes then through this post, you will get a solution. Juno Mail Vs Gmail Before we kno

  • How to Set up or Add BT Mail to Outlook?

    Posted on Thursday 11th April, 2024

    Overview: This write-up walks through the process to set up or add BT Mail to Outlook. Moreover, we will also go through the requirements that one should complete before executing the task. So, read t

  • Download Emails from GMX Mail with the Best Solutions

    Posted on Tuesday 9th April, 2024

    Overview: If you use a GMX (Global Mail Exchange) account and want to download GMX Mail emails to your computer then this is the perfect page where you can get the best solutions. In this post, we wil

  • Backup Emails & Attachments Without Any Data Loss

    Posted on Monday 8th April, 2024

    Introduction: This blog post discusses how to backup emails to a new computer. Also, it will explain the basic details about and why users are required to take email backup.

  • How to Export Yahoo to MBOX File Format Including Attachments?

    Posted on Friday 15th March, 2024

    Summary: This post is for those who need to export Yahoo Mail to MBOX. In this guide, we will discuss two efficient solutions to migrate Yahoo emails to MBOX format. Then, we will precisely understand

  • How to Export to Outlook PST? – An Easy Solution

    Posted on Wednesday 13th March, 2024

    Summary: This post will share an easy solution to export emails to Outlook PST file. We understand this is quite a challenging task for users and a lot of users are looking for the simplest wa


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