How to to Migrate Zimbra TGZ to Windows Live Mail?

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Zimbra to Windows Live Mail Migration – Quick Guide

Nowadays, email clients have become the most common means for communication. With the improvement in technology, users need an updated email client. Windows Live Mail is one such client which is the successor of Outlook Express and Windows Mail. As per the demands, users need to switch from one platform to another. One of the emerging queries is how to migrate Zimbra to Windows Live Mail. This becomes a challenging task for users. Therefore, we have come up with this article to migrate emails from Zimbra to WLM.

Migrate Zimbra to Window Live Mail

There is no direct method by which Zimbra to WLM migration can be carried out. Zimbra utilizes TGZ format and Windows Live Mail uses EML format to store its data. Due to the differences in the file formats, one can't access Zimbra mailboxes to WLM and vice-versa.

Get some of the points due to which users are considering Windows Live Mail client –

  • Windows Live Mail is a free and light-weight application.
  • WLM is an updated email client provided by Microsoft.

Techniques to migrate Zimbra to WLM

There is no straight-forward solution to export Zimbra mailboxes to WLM client. Therefore, experts have recommended an advanced solution named Softaken Zimbra to Windows Live Mail Converter. The program is effortless to manage the complete database migration. Without facing any troubles, one can export emails, attachments, and email components (to, cc, bcc, sent, from, etc.) without having any difficulties.

One can't rely on manual solutions as these are not safe and needs technical expertise to execute the steps. Plus, one can lost email formatting during the migration with manual solutions. Therefore, to get rid of these issues, professionals have come with the software solutions.

Working procedure of Zimbra 2 Windows Live Mail Migration

The software has only counted steps to migrate Zimbra emails 2 WLM client. One can freely export the database without facing any issues.

  1. Installing the application:-In the beginning, users need to install the application successfully on their system by accepting all terms and conditions.
  2. Loading Zimbra mailbox items:-Once you run the application, you can simply load Zimbra files with the help of the Browse button. By doing this, all Zimbra files are scanned. And after that, users can get complete view of the selected items.
  3. Choose an export option:-Select EML filein export options.
  4. Set a destination path:-Now, use Browse button and add a location of your choice where you want to save the exported results. This can be any location of your choice. At last, hit the Export button to start the process of migration.

By this, users will get EML files. These files can be imported simply to Windows Live Mail.

Wrapping Up

I hope with the help of this article; you will surely capable to perform Zimbra 2 Windows Live Mail migration. The program is simple to use and provides 100% accurate conversion results. A free trial facility is available for testing purpose. Additionally, one can get 24*7 customer support service to resolve user queries.