Reasons to opt for Softaken ZIP Recovery Tool

01. Main Features

Features and Advantages of Softaken ZIP File Recovery Tool

Know all benefits to use this ZIP File Repair Software

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Extract Corrupt ZIP file data

This efficient solution help users in recovering all ZIP files which are corrupt due to virus attacks, improper shutdown, conflicting compression, sectors on the disk, etc. This program recovers all the data items and saves them in a compressed form to avoid the risk of data loss.

Instant and Smooth Recovery

This utility performs corrupt ZIP file repair instantly without any hassle. It can fix all sub-types of ZIP as well as all kinds of self-extracting files. Without any inconvenience, the program recovers highly damaged and corrupted ZIP files created by WinRAR, WinZip, 7-zip, and other apps.

Repairs multiple Zip files at once

This ZIP Data Restore Tool allows users to add more than one file at once. Without affecting the actual content, the software can smoothly repair multiple ZIP files in a single attempt. This feature allows users to recover a compressed folder of ZIP files in a short period.

Search and Preview Feature

With the ‘Search’ option, users can find a specific .zip file from the directory list. This feature permits users to select a set of .zip files among many files. Once the files get scanned, the software provides a preview option to check the accuracy of recovered data files before saving them.

Support Large ZIP files

This software executes seamless repair of all items from a large-sized Zip file. This utility is capable to extract files from corrupt Zip files to a new compressed file. This program allows exporting all items from corrupted compressed ZIP files such as images, documents, text files, etc. to a fresh ZIP file.

Wide Compatibility

Softaken ZIP File Repair Tool comes with a highly interactive and smart GUI that help all users to use it without any trouble. Also, this advanced software has wide compatibility with all .zip files. It is designed to run smoothly on all versions of the Windows operating system.

Repair bad, broken, or CRC Zip Components

This remarkable tool can manage to fix Zip archives whose components are broken because of hardware failure. It helps to recover the components from ZIP files to a selected location and hence allows to access items from a bad .zip file. Users can smartly fix all types of ZIP files using this toolkit.

Free ZIP File Recovery Tool

Softaken always provides a free evaluation copy with its tools so that users can examine it first and then purchase it. Here, a free Online ZIP Repair Tool is available that lets users preview all recovered ZIP files. However, the license version is a must to save the recovered ZIP files.

Support for ZIP files from Mac OS

You can quickly repair all ZIP files created even on Mac OS. In addition to this, the tool allows for to reduction in the size of large files by compressing them into a .zip format. This program supports all types of ZIP files without any trouble. Also, the entire process gets completed without the risk of data loss.

02. Other Features

Other Helpful Features of ZIP Recovery Tool

Support ZIP files larger than 4 GB

This tool can smartly recover ZIP files that are larger than 4 GB.

Support Self-Extracting files (SFX)

This tool smartly extracts data from SFX archives.

Fix Incorrect CRC Values

This app can fix incorrect CRC values in ZIP archive.

Support Encrypted ZIP files

This utility can repair encrypted ZIP files without any hassle.

03. How it works

How does the tool work to repair corrupt ZIP files?

With the help of the Softaken ZIP Recovery Program, it is too simple and quick to repair corrupted ZIP files. This utility harmlessly recovers ZIP files without showing any errors and damage to the content of the file.


Step 1

Download and Run the Softaken ZIP File Recovery Tool.

Step 2

Browse and add the corrupted ZIP files.

Step 3

Preview the data of the added ZIP file after recovery.

Step 4

Set the required destination to save the resultant ZIP file.

Step 5

Press the ‘Start Repair’ button to start repairing damaged or corrupted ZIP files.

05. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How I can repair a corrupt ZIP file with this software?

With the mentioned steps, users can repair a ZIP file that is corrupt or damaged:

  1. Start the recommended software for data recovery on any Windows machine
  2. Install and run the tool for ZIP File Recovery
  3. Now, choose single or multiple ZIP files to repair them.
  4. You can see the recovered files and again, hit the Next button.
  5. Use the Browse button to pick the location for saving the file.
  6. Hit the Save button to start the process.
  7. Let’s wait for the recovery process and exit the software.

If my ZIP file is large in size. Will this software recover it?

Yes, the software smartly repairs large files keeping the original file intact.

Do I need any additional applications to run this software?

No, it works standalone and does not need any additional application.

Does this program recover data from a corrupt or broken ZIP file?

Yes, this utility supports the recovery of ZIP files that are damaged/corrupted badly, or broken.

Will this program allow me to recover data from external storage?

Yes, Softaken ZIP Repair Software supports the recovery of data from any external devices such as floppy disks, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, external drives, etc.

Does this utility recover ZIP files that show errors?

Yes, the software can easily recover all ZIP files which are failed to restore properly due to any error.

How much time does the tool consume to repair a corrupt ZIP file?

The actual time taken depends on the ZIP file size. However, this tool functions too speedily to restore ZIP file data.

Does the tool deal with CRC errors?

Yes, the software resolves CRC and other errors that users face while opening a ZIP file.

Will the program recover data from corrupted ZIP files on Windows 11?

Yes, you can freely operate this software on Windows 11 & other editions to restore ZIP files.

Can I repair multiple ZIP files at a time using this tool?

Yes, the software can simultaneously add multiple ZIP files without any issues.

06. Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I encountered a lot of issues while accessing my data items stored in a ZIP file. One of my friends suggested your tool and it worked amazingly by extracting data from my corrupted ZIP files.

Francesco Falconi


It seems almost impossible to extract my important data from corrupted ZIP files. But this software did it amazingly. Moreover, it recovered multiple ZIP files at a time without any trouble.

Rolf Bendt


I am very much impressed with the instant working of this application. I liked all the features of this utility and want to thank the team members for this effortless tool.

John Pyatt

United States


How to freely repair a corrupted ZIP file on Windows?

Using WinZip, which is an archiving and file compression tool, one can easily repair and restore corrupted ZIP files. Here is the whole process to recover corrupted ZIP files with WinZip Tool:

  • Download and install WinZip27-downwz.exe file.
  • Open the app command using Win + S.
  • Open the corrupted ZIP file in the prompt and change the directory.
  • Enter Zip repair command: C:\ProgramFiles\WinZip\wzzip-yf

Note:WinZip is not a freeware application.

Apart from this, you have the option to pick an online tool to repair ZIP files.