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PDF Watermark

"A magnificent tool to add text or image Watermark of desire PDF files"

  • Allow users to customize a PDF file by adding Watermark
  • Give opportunity to create your own style Watermark by selecting text or images
  • Set the font, colour and size of text
  • Capable to add any image type: JPG, PNG, TIFF etc…
  • A user friendly application
  • Multiple choice of defining watermark position
  • Colour and size of watermark text can be defined
  • Opacity can also be set for text and image
  • Text can be shown as vertical and horizontal

Adobe PDF Watermark Tool Features

Personalize Your PDF File

If a PDF file is confidential give it a personal touch or want to protect your PDF file for copying, copyright protection can be provided through Watermark. The application helps to setup any type or any style watermark on your PDF file.

Options to Add Watermark

  • You are offered with 2 options to add the feature:
  • Add Text- It allows you to add any text to your PDF.
  • Add Image – it allow you to set image as watermark.

Set Text as Watermark & Place Its Position

You are allowed to add text of your choice. For example, if a PDF file is for a business, add company name, product name or company owner name etc… The choice is yours. Likewise, it is your choice to decide the position of text. It could be top horizontal, bottom horizontal, left or right vertical, top right etc.

Set the Text Font

What will be the size of the font? What will be the colour of the text? What will be the transparency level of the text? All can be customized according to your style and choice. The app allows you to either decrease or increase the font size. Choose a suitable colour like black, orange, red etc.

Set the Position of the Image

If you are selecting an image for your PDF watermark, the application lets you set the appropriate position: Top middle, centre, middle, bottom, bottom right, bottom left and so on.

A Safe Watermark Tool

It is safe to use. Users can trust the PDF Watermark application to safely setup watermark for desirable PDF files.  The application doesn't cause any interruption and doesn't make any change in the originality of the file. It retains quality.

Set Watermark to One File at a Time

The PDF Watermark tool assists you to add watermark to one PDF file at a time.

A Window Tool

It is a Window tool. The app runs smoothly with Windows 8, 10, XP and Vista. Demo Version of PDF Watermark application is available. Download the app today in your Windows version. It assists you understanding the key functions of the app.


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