What Type of Information We Need?

We collect information of our visitors, both browsers and visitors who register with us that includes their name and email address.

What Do We Do with the Gathered Information?

The following information we have used for different purposes including:

  • Personalizing your experience (your information help us to understand you in a better way, we realize the need of users)
  • Getting help in improving our website (the review we get from you help us in making our performance better and better)
  • Bring improvement in consumer services (what is your need, how we help you better and respond to you quickly are things that you try to improve with your information)
  • Always in touch of consumers by sending them email from time to time
  • Your email address is utilized for sending updates, our recent events and offers

Note: If you would like to unsubscribe our mail service, you can do this as each email carries the unsubscribe button at the bottom.

How do We Keep Your Identity Private?

All your information that you have given us or shared us is smartly preserved. Latest and authorized software are used to keep your information intact and safe with us.

Using Cookies?

As you go through our site, you will come across cookies that we use to understand our consumer's and visitor's interest.  These cookies reach you to other sites (our partner websites) but these partners are not allowed to get our client information including name, email and phone number.

Do We Disclose Your Information?

We ensure that neither of your information like phone and email address are sold or shared to any third person. Even we manage to not to share your information with our partners till they give an assurance of keeping it confidential. We can release your information if you have found that it is under the law, protecting your right and advanced security is maintained. We ensure that none of your information is shared for advertising purposes.

Links of Third Party

We welcome third party links. There are some kind of different rules set for third parties that they have to follow. We want to assure that we are not associated with the activities of third party links. We are committed to maintain our site integrity and respect the reply of consumers and those sharing links with us.

Having Power to Make Changes in Policy

We have reserved the right to make changes in our privacy policy.

Contact Us

Contact us by sending email if you have any question regarding our privacy policy. We try to reply back as soon as possible. Our email address is contact [@]