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An advance software specialized in performing merge & split PDF files”

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price-29Customize your PDF files as per your desire with Softaken PDF Split & Merge program. It lets you merge multiple PDF files to create one big file and allows you to split a PDF file according to your wish. The advance tool decodes protected portable documents.

Key Feature Highlights

  • Capable to merge multiple PDF files
  • let you split Large Sized (Big) PDF document
  • gives permission to split PDFs by page
  • highly compatible, install easily with all Windows and Adobe Reader
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Features of PDF Split and PDF Merge Tool

A Dual Program


The application has capacity to perform two tasks. That is why it is known as advance software. It allows users to merge multiple PDF files.  It has feature to split a big sized PDF into multiple PDFs.

Merge Multiple PDF Files


The software merge PDF file feature lets you merge a number of PDFs to create a big size and powerful PDF document. The tool gives flexibility to merge your choice portable documents. It makes data management easy by avoiding unnecessary collection of files.

Split PDF Files


It has not only merge but also split PDF file feature. If you want to categorize and shorten a portable document according to page to get desirable division like topics, headings, sub-headings, types or sub-types, press Split PDF file and select the pages you want to extract to save in a new document.

Remove Restrictions of PDFs


It removes restrictions of any of your choice locked portable documents to copy, print and edit them easily. It lets you perform split and merge of such documents easily and deliberately.

Perform safely


The PDF Split & Merge program performs its each and every task easily and safely. No file is damaged and there is no complaint of data loss. It retains the quality of files with no change in the content structure. It has capacity to copy, merge and split PDFs. Whole content, graphs, images and other elements of the document can be modified and edited according to user’s needs.

Free Demo Version


The free demo trial of PDF Split & Merge is available to install in your Windows based PC.  Download today to understand its key functions.



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