Softaken MBOX Conversion Suite

A sophisticated application to export MBOX files to a range of email clients or platforms. The conversion program is easy-to-use and delivers 100% accurate results. It reduces the risk of data loss during conversion by preserving structure and content.

Softaken MBOX Suite
MBOX Suite

One-Stop MBOX Conversion Application

The one-stop application exports MBOX to PST, MSG, NSF, TGZ, EML, HTML, MHTML, PDF, EMLX, Gmail and IMAP Server effortlessly and accurately. It is a self-descriptive app to export data without technical experience and expertise.

  • The program exports single and multiple MBOX files at once
  • Enable users to export selective MBOX files
  • Give users control on resultants by exporting only required files
  • Convert MBOX files into MS Outlook for Windows by exporting MBOX to PST and MBOX to MSG
  • Convert MBOX files into Lotus Notes by exporting MBOX to NSF
  • Convert MBOX files into Zimbra by exporting MBOX to TGZ
  • Convert MBOX files into Apple Mail by exporting MBOX to EMLX
  • Convert MBOX files into Entourage, Thunderbird, and multiple platforms by exporting MBOX to EML
  • Convert MBOX files into PST to make sharing and arching easy
  • Convert MBOX files into web pages by exporting MBOX into HTML and MHTML
  • Convert MBOX files into Gmail, Yahoo, and IMAP-supporting server-based tools
  • A user-friendly program to run and install without technical assistance
  • A powerful MBOX Conversion suite for individuals and businesses

When to Use Softaken MBOX Suite?

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mbox conversion

Convert MBOX Data with Complete Accuracy

The advanced tool gives you no reason to feel regret for conversion quality as it exports MBOX data to the desired file format with top accuracy. During conversion, it exports emails with all meta properties intact and unmodified. The structure of emails remains the same and there is no loss of content.

export mbox file

Export MBOX Data Effortlessly

The conversion program manages to export MBOX data to a range of email clients in four easy steps. A novice can handle the application for MBOX conversion without technical needs. It is a self-descriptive program to transfer MBOX files to multiple platforms. It never puzzles users. The tool is straightforward.

mbox to other files

Conversion of MBOX to Multiple Platforms

The application allows users to export MBOX files to various major email clients such as Entourage, Thunderbird, MS Outlook, WLM, Apple Mail, and many others. It is one-stop to meet the MBOX conversion needs of users. An MBOX file of any size can export by the program.

mbox suite features in detail

Prominenet Features of MBOX Converter Suite


Batch MBOX Conversion Program for Single and Multiple Files

The conversion program exports single MBOX files and multiple MBOX files to the specified file format. Batch conversion simplifies the conversion goal. It makes the conversion process hassle-free for organizations and individuals looking to export multiple MBOX files.


Select Single or Multiple MBOX Files with File Filtration Modes

The tool has two types of file filtration modes- File Mode and Folder Mode. The File Mode allows users to select and upload single and specially picked MBOX files. The Folder Mode allows users to select multiple MBOX files at once.


Supports All MBOX Versions and Exports Data Without Losing Quality

The conversion program has no file size restriction. It exports MBOX files of any size. An MBOX file holding multiple emails can export swiftly by the app. It supports all MBOX versions. It exports MBOXRD, MBOXCL2, and MBOXCL file formats to export data without losing quality.


Extract Attachments from Multiple MBOX Files with Ease

The advanced tool exports MBOX emails with attachments. All types of attachments and any size of attachments can export by the app. It extracts attachments from multiple MBOX files to export to the specified file format.


Preserve MBOX File Structure and Meta Properties

It is a safe application. The tool preserves each MBOX file quality by restoring structure and meta properties. During conversion, the app exports emails with CC, BCC, To, From, Date, and Attachments in their original formats. The data remains the same and unchanged.


Feature-Rich Export Program for Individuals, Businesses, and Enterprises

The export program is well-suitable for individuals, small businesses, and enterprises. It is bug-free. It can export data offline. It gives users control over results. It is a lightweight application. The following qualities make it a suitable choice for all users.


Valid License for an Unlimited Time

The licensed version is valid for an indefinite duration. Users can use the app as long as they desire. The license versions for individual and business users are valid for an unlimited time. However, users can renew the app if Softaken launches the upgraded versions.


Convert MBOX Files to Outlook PST and MSG Formats

The conversion app exports MBOX files to MS Outlook for Windows by converting MBOX into PST and MBOX into MSG. For MBOX into PST, it can create single or multiple PST files. After conversion, the exported data is accessible to Outlook 2003, 2006, 2010, and all the latest versions.


Compatible with Wide Range of Email Clients

The advanced conversion program exports MBOX to EML in four easy steps. After conversion, the exported data can access Thunderbird, Entourage, WLM, Eudora, Spicebird, and various other email clients supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Export MBOX Files to EMLX Format

MBOX supports Apple Mail. However, it is not the default file format of Apple Mail. With this conversion app, users can export MBOX to EMLX which is the default file format of Apple Mail. The exported data is accessible to Mac devices.


Preserve MBOX Email Structure and Attachments in HTML or MHTML Format

The advanced app converts MBOX files into web pages to archive data online by exporting MBOX into HTML and MBOX into MHTML. All email components including attachments transfer to HTML or MHTML format without losing structure.


Convert MBOX Data to NSF for Lotus Notes Access

MBOX file format is not compatible with Lotus Notes. Conversion of MBOX to NSF file format is essential to open MBOX data on Lotus Notes. The conversion app exports selective MBOX files to NSF file format. Multiple MBOX files save in a single NSF file format.


Export MBOX Files to Zimbra in Bulk

The advanced app exports MBOX files to Zimbra by exporting MBOX to TGZ in four easy steps. All selected MBOX files can export to Zimbra at once. The bulk conversion feature saves time and energy for users.


Convert MBOX Files to PDF for Archiving and Accessibility

With MBOX to PDF conversion, users can make MBOX files accessible to a range of platforms such as online, chatting tools, and email clients. MBOX to PDF conversion makes archiving of various email client data convenient and accessible. The tool exports MBOX to PDF in four easy steps.


Convert MBOX Files to Gmail and Save to Specified Folder

The sophisticated app supports the conversion of MBOX files to the required Gmail account. It connects with the given Gmail account automatically as you enter the email address and the password of the account. It saves the exported data to the specified folder of your Gmail.


Safe and Secure Way to Convert MBOX Files to IMAP

The conversion app exports MBOX to a specified IMAP-server tool such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and many others. It connects automatically with the given IMAP account as you provide the correct email address, password, port, and host details.

Tools Faq's

It is a user-friendly app. It exports EML files within a few clicks.

  1. Step 1- Download and launch the application on your system
  2. Step 2- Choose the "Folder Mode" or File Mode, and hit the Browse tab to select files
  3. Step 3- Get the preview of uploaded files and select the suitable file format
  4. Step 4- Press the conversion button
The app supports batch conversion. You can export as many MBOX files as you desire. There is no file limit.
If you have selected multiple MBOX files to export to PST, the tool saves the exported data in a single PST or Outlook file.
Softaken upgrades its apps often to provide new features. It is your wish to renew the license of this application.
During conversion, the app allows users to select a specific file format to export data. Users can select only one file format at a time.
We have already mentioned that the app's validity is unlimited. Softaken tools are valid for an unlimited duration.
Your system speed will remain intact. The tool is lightweight and doesn't slow down your system.
If you want to use the app on multiple systems, you require the business version of our program. Click on the order button to know the systems it supports.

Software Specifications

System Requirement

ProcessorAny Pentium Class

Operating SystemWindows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Other

Memory512 MB Minimum

Hard Disk100 MB of free space for software installation

Software Delivery

ElectronicVia Email


Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

Support OptionEmails, Chat & Skype

Customer Reviews

What Our Customer Says


Michael J. Hoehn

United States

  A highly recommended application for those looking to migrate or convert their email data stored in MBOX files to a range of platforms like Outlook, Apple Mail, Entourage, Lotus Notes, PDF, and cloud platforms. It exports files without losing structure and quality.  

Camillo Pugliesi


  This MBOX Suite offers a convenient and efficient conversion of MBOX files of any size to your choice of file formats like PST, EML, MSG, PDF, and more. From individuals to small and large businesses, the application is a suitable choice to handle large amounts of data and maintain the integrity of emails, attachments, and folder structures during conversion.  

Jonas Pfeiffer


  We have downloaded the Enterprise version of this MBOX Suite to 100 systems. It is working seamlessly in all. The app maintains accuracy and ensures conversion of all email content, including text, formatting, and attachments without corrupting the folder hierarchies and preserve metadata.  

Vilde Lundström


  After using this application for a month, I can say that ease of use is another important aspect of this application. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow offer conversion without technical expertise. It interface's clear instructions contributes to a smooth conversion experience.