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Product Overview

Product Overview

Softaken is a professional company that is committed to provide complete catalog of its existed software's in its database. We believe in happy customer relationship and to maintain the relation, we are ready to help our clients. What kind of features users will receive from the listed products, that all things we provide in descriptive format. Helping users to better understand the functionality of the Software they tend to buy. Users can easily examines several elaboration steps in the Softaken history and existing findings as an incipient sample of a catalog of evolution designs. The catalog helps user to a great extent by providing them the best solutions of their problems and ability to handle situations within a few seconds.

Important Note! We please to inform you that as soon as your payment is made, full version download link is automatically sent to your given e-mail address in a priority sequence. Please provide your correct email address while purchasing or in case you encountered problems during online purchase at [email protected] !

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The Paypro online order form is 100% secure. Order secure server at paypro, a veteran company, which specializes in software. You will be connected to the SECURE page to enter your credit-card information safely.  As the registration is validated, you will get your download URL and license key number information. The buyer who is concerned about security about online shopping, please take your time to go through security measures taken to protect your credit card information.  We feel free to accept various types of payment modes, including, Credit Card, PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, Check/Money Order, Fax, Invoice. Security assurance is provided. Product download link is sent to your given email address at real time.