Softaken Address Book Conversion Suite

An advanced application to export and import VCF to multiple platforms, remove duplicates from VCF files, merge VCF files, & split VCF files effortlessly & without modifying data! The application is one-stop for export, import, merge, split, and remove duplicates from address book files.

Address Book
Address Book Suite

One-Stop to Meet VCF or Address Book Requirements

A well-crafted application for individuals and businesses of all sizes to maintain their address book data! Enable users to convert, import, merge, and split selective vCard files to find accurate conversion results.

  • An advanced app to meet multiple VCF file management requirements
  • Capable of exporting multiple VCF files to PST, MSG, NSF, CSV, & Excel
  • Offer seamless import of multiple VCF files into Outlook PST, MSG, NSF, and CSV
  • Allow users to remove duplicate contacts from VCF files
  • Enable to combine or merge as many VCF files as users want
  • Split a VCF file into multiple VCF files for sharing and maintaining privacy
  • An interactive solution to use without technical assistance
  • A lightweight application to install and configure within a few minutes
  • Designed for individuals and businesses of any size
  • During conversion and import retain accuracy and structure
  • Maintain privacy of VCF files every time
  • The free demo trial for every interested user
  • The licensed version validity is unlimited

Why Use the Softaken Address Book Suite?

What's the need of Address Book Suite Software?

address book tasks

One Tool with Multiple Tasks

It is a one-stop application for address book or VCF file requirements. The application can export VCF files to multiple major platforms. It imports VCF files into multiple major platforms like Outlook and Lotus Notes. At the same time, the app can prepare Address Books to merge, split and remove duplicates.

high quality results

High-Quality Results

During the import and export process, the application provides 100% accurate results. It exports and imports VCF files of any size. The split process of Address Books takes place smoothly. It merges VCF files without spoiling structure and address fields. The duplicate removal task takes place with precision by preserving original contacts.

control contacts

Control of the Resultants

Be it export, import, merge, or split, the tool offers adequate control over the resultants. It exports and imports only the defined VCF files. It merges as many VCF files as users want. It splits required VCF files. Users have optimum control over the resultants. The application helps experience seamless tasks.

Address Book suite features in detail

Prominenet Features of Softaken Address Book Suite


One Application for VCF Management

VCF files hold multiple important contacts with name, address, phone number, email address, and other properties. The application offers management of VCF files easy and fast. It exports, imports, merges, and split VCF files without losing properties.


Advanced File Filtration

During export, import, removal of duplicates, and merge of Address Book/VCF files, the application allows users to select single or multiple VCF files. It has two filtration modes- File Mode and Folder Mode to filter the target VCF files to provide the desired results.


Export VCF from PST

A PST file holds contact folders. The tool helps to extract contacts of PST files to save into VCF file format within a few clicks. The extracted contacts can share on multiple platforms such as Gmail, macOS contacts, webmail services, and Android and iOS devices.


Export VCF from MSG

The application extracts contact details of MSG files to save in VCF file format. It exports MSG files to VCF within a few clicks. All contact fields including name, address, and phone number scan and export to VCF to share or archive contact data of Outlook.


Export VCF from OST

The application is advanced to extract contact folders of OST files to save into VCF file format. The app uploads and extracts multiple OST files to VCF. All contact properties transfer to VCF. The tool scans text, numbers, and symbols to offer a complete conversion of OST to VCF.


Export VCF from NSF

The sophisticated app can scan and export Lotus Notes contacts to VCF. The application extracts contacts from single and multiple NSF files to save in VCF file format to make archiving and sharing of contacts of Lotus Notes. Complete extract of contact fields takes place.


Export VCF from CSV

The app extracts all columns of CSV files to save into VCF file format. It extracts the name, age, email, address, and other details of CSV files to VCF to share data with Outlook, Gmail, iOS devices, Android devices, and many other platforms.


Export VCF from Excel

Excel is a traditional way to keep contacts. Users can extracts contact details from Excel files to save into VCF file format which is a universally accepted file format to keep a record of contacts. All selected fields of contacts in XLS files can export to VCF.


Import vCard into PST

The sophisticated app extracts vCard data to PST. All contact fields of vCard files can export to MS Outlook for Windows. With this import, the tool allows users to access contacts of multiple platforms on MS Outlook for Windows.


Import vCard into MSG

The advanced app extracts contacts of single and multiple vCard files to save into MSG file format. During the import process, it extracts all properties of contacts of VCF files to transfer to MSG. It allows access to contacts of multiple platforms on Outlook for Windows.


Import vCard into CSV

The tool supports the import of vCard files into CSV. It transfers single or multiple vCard files to CSV. The tool scans all contact fields of vCard files to transfer them to CSV. During this process, the app retains the structure and properties of contacts.


Import vCard into NSF

The modern tool supports single and multiple vCard file conversion to Lotus Notes. All contacts of vCard files transfer to NSF file format to access contacts of multiple platforms on Lotus Notes, such as MS Outlook, Android devices, and iOS devices.


Remove Duplicates from vCard Files

The application reduces the size of vCard files by removing unnecessary data. It removes copied contact details. The tool uses an advanced algorithm to identify duplicate contacts and eliminate them to resize VCF files.


Merge vCard Files

It has an in-built merge feature of vCard files where users can merge two, three, four, or as many vCard files as they desire. The merge process goes smoothly despite the file size. The merge process doesn't modify the structure of the contact table.


Split vCard Files

The tool has an in-built feature to split a vCard file. If a vCard file holds multiple contact details, the tool can split them and create multiple small vCard files. The feature helps sharing of contacts fast. It also helps maintain the privacy of contact details.


Unlimited License Validity

The advanced application is available with unlimited validity for license holders. Users can use the app as long as they want. With unlimited license validity, the application offers unlimited export, import, merge, split, and identification of duplicate contacts.

Tools Faq's

It is a user-friendly app. Steps to run this application.

  1. Step 1- Download and launch the app
  2. Step 2- Select the specific VCF files
  3. Step 3- Choose the features you want to apply –export, import, merge, or split
  4. Step 4- Select the output location
  5. Step 5- Press the final button
No, this application doesn't interfere with the speed of your system. It is a lightweight tool to install.
After importing VCF data to Outlook, you can access all contact details on any Outlook versions including 2003, 2006, 2010, and other latest versions.
The application considers various algorithms to identify duplicate contacts to remove them. It is a safe feature to use.
Yes, you can merge multiple VCF files. The tool has no limit for this. You can merge two, three, or hundreds of VCF files to create one strong VCF file.
Yes, you can open contacts of Outlook on your Android device if your smartphone supports VCF file format.
Yes, it is a suitable application for businesses of any size. Softaken Address Book Suite has three suitable versions. The Enterprise version is for large organizations.
The demo trial helps you examine the proficiency of this application. It helps you decide on getting the license for this application.

Software Specifications

System Requirement

ProcessorAny Pentium Class

Operating SystemWindows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Other

Memory512 MB Minimum

Hard Disk100 MB of free space for software installation

Software Delivery

ElectronicVia Email


Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

Support OptionEmails, Chat & Skype

Customer Reviews

What Our Customer Says


Kajetan Olszewski


  I cannot escape myself to share my experience with this application. It has made VCF file management so easy. I have transferred over 1000 contacts of Outlook to VCF. All of them are in a good state.  

Tomica Omeri

South Africa

  Undoubtedly, it is a worthy application for small businesses like us. We handle a courier company and require VCF management tools desperately. This application has met our expectations.  

Elicia Bergqvist


  Honestly, the app has saved our time and effort for conversion, removing duplicates, and merging multiple VCF files. I have rated it 4.5 for its multitasking approach.  

Maik Ackerman


  I first didn't take the app seriously. After trying the demo version I realized its importance. Thank you for providing such a valuable application.