Softaken EMLX Conversion Suite

A professional EMLX Converter Suite for Bulk EMLX conversion to a range of file formats, such as PST, NSF, MBOX, EML, HTML, MHTML, MSG, TGZ, EMLX, PDF, Gmail, and IMAP accounts within a few clicks. The export program is suitable individuals and commercial users.

emlx conversion Suite
EMLX Suite

Convert EMLX Files to Multiple File Formats without Apple Mail

Softaken EMLX Converter is an affordable yet a professional application. It exports EMLX or Apple Mail data to a range of email clients. The tool is all-in-one choice for Apple Mail conversion. During immigration, it keeps emails and their attachments intact.

  • Quickly scan and export selective EMLX files to the desired file format
  • Support bulk data conversion or EMLX Suite to convert bulk EMLX files
  • Generate preview of the uploaded EMLX files on its preview pane
  • Extract emails with subject, CC, BCC, Date, and attachments to provide accurate results
  • Support conversion of EMLX to several major email clients like MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird etc.
  • Convert EMLX into PST, EMLX into NSF, EMLX into MSG, EMLX into TGZ, and EMLX into MBOX
  • Convert EMLX into HTML, EMLX into MHTML, EMLX into PDF, EMLX into Gmail, and EMLX into indefinite IMAP accounts
  • Support interactive interface to transfer data without technical assistance
  • During conversion the tool restores email structure and format
  • Available for individuals, small organizations, and corporates
  • The license validity is indefinite to use as long as users desire

When to Use Softaken EMLX Suite?

Read Why Users Like to Run the Application

apple mail emails

Access Apple Mail Data on Various Email Clients

The application is one-stop to make Apple Mail data accessible on a range of email clients. It allows users to access Apple Mail files on MS Outlook for Windows, Entourage, Thunderbird, WLM, Zimbra, Lotus Notes, and various other email clients without putting much effort and time. Multiple conversion support from Apple Mail makes the app an all-in-one choice.

access emlx file

Access EMLX Files on All Operating System and Devices

With the use of this application, your EMLX files are not limited to open on Mac devices, you can them on Linux and Android devices without losing the file structure and email quality. The utility makes EMLX files accessible to Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android. It offers unlimited conversion of EMLX files.

emlx to imap

Access EMLX Data on IMAP Accounts

Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, and many other server-based email clients support the IMAP protocol. The application allows users to access EMLX data on any IMAP protocol supporting tool effortlessly. As you provide the port, host, and credentials of an IMAP tool, it automatically connects to export data.

emlx suite features in detail

Prominenet Features of EMLX Converter Suite


Effortless EMLX File Export: Empowering Bulk Conversion for Streamlined Operations

The application can export single and multiple EMLX files. It gives users complete freedom to upload and export as many EMLX files as they desire. It is a prominent feature of the app. The tool can export two, three, ten, and over a hundred EMLX files into the desired file format.


Secure and Versatile Utility: EMLX Conversion Ensuring Email Property Integrity and Structure

The application is safe for personal and commercial usage. During conversion, it extracts all email properties of EMLX files to restore them to another file format. The email structure remains the same. It restores the original properties to give experience like copy and paste of data.


Enhanced User Experience: Previewing Uploaded EMLX Files with Path and Email Content Display

The advanced export utility has an additional feature of generating a preview of the uploaded EMLX files. As an EMLX file upload, the app displays a preview of the EMLX files on its preview pane. It displays the path of EMLX files with email content. Users cannot modify data.


Comprehensive EMLX Conversion: Inclusive Extraction of Email Properties and Attachments

The app imports and extracts all properties of EMLX files including attachments. No matter how large an EMLX file is, the app extracts emails with attachments. It provides complete conversion of EMLX databases.


Seamless Transition: Converting Apple Mail to MS Outlook for Windows with Batch EMLX Conversion

The utility supports Apple Mail conversion to MS Outlook for Windows. It allows users to import and convert unlimited EMLX files to PST. Batch conversion allows users to create one single PST file for multiple EMLX files. Exported data is accessible to Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2016, 2019, and 2021.


Cross-Platform Accessibility: EMLX to MSG Conversion Enabling Smooth Data Transfer to MS Outlook for Windows

The advanced app allows users to export EMLX files into MSG file format to access data on MS Outlook for Windows. Batch conversion creates multiple MSG files and saves the exported data to the user's specified location. EMLX to MSG conversion makes Apple Mail data accessible on a prominent Windows email client.


Universal Data Access: EMLX to EML Conversion for Seamless Email Client Compatibility Across Platforms

The sophisticated app supports the conversion of EMLX to EML to access Apple Mail databases on a range of email clients operating on Windows, Mac, and Linux, such as Entourage, Eudora, Thunderbird, WLM, SeaMonkey, and many others free and paid email clients.


Comprehensive Conversion Solution: EMLX to Lotus Notes Migration Simplified with Batch NSF Export

It is an all-in-one app because it supports the conversion of EMLX into Lotus Notes. It allows users to export multiple EMLX files into NSF file format. The app creates one large NSF file with the batch conversion of EMLX files. It makes Apple Mail to Lotus Notes conversion easy and fast.


Seamless Apple Mail to Zimbra Transition: EMLX to TGZ Conversion for Unified Data Access

The advanced mechanism of this application supports Apple Mail to Zimbra conversion by exporting EMLX into TGZ. It lets users export single or multiple EMLX files into TGZ. A single TGZ file holding multiple EMLX files can create.


Cross-Platform Data Accessibility: EMLX to MBOX Conversion Expanding Reach

With EMLX into MBOX conversion, the app allows users to access EMLX data on multiple email clients operating on Windows, Linux, Mac, and other operating systems. EMLX to MBOX conversion allows migration of Apple Mail to Entourage, Thunderbird, Eudora, and a range of other email clients.


Effortless Archiving and Sharing: Converting Apple Mail Data to PDF for Seamless Distribution

The sophisticated app converts EMLX data into PDF file format so that users can archive Apple Mail data and share its data on multiple platforms without hesitation. The conversion process makes archiving and sharing of Apple Mail data easy.


Creating Web Pages from EMLX: Exporting to HTML/MHTML for Interactive Sharing and Archiving

The advanced solution exports EMLX into HTML or MHTM to create web pages of the following data. The link to the web page can use for sharing and archiving. It converts EMLX items into web pages with all email properties intact and unmodified.


Streamlined Export to Gmail: Effortless EMLX to Google Email Conversion for Seamless Data Migration

The app can export EMLX into Google email or Gmail within a few clicks. You can export Apple Mail data to a specific Gmail account. Bulk conversion saves time and effort for users. Emails with all properties including attachments export to Gmail swiftly.


Effortless Export to IMAP: Seamlessly Connecting EMLX to Various Email Platforms

The app allows users to export EMLX into a particular IMAP-supporting app such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and many others. It establishes an automatic connection with the given IMAP account as you provide the port, host, and credentials.


Simplicity in Action: Easy EMLX Conversion for All Users

It is a user-friendly program to choose from. Users with or without technical proficiency can run the app. It is a self-descriptive app that users can consider to export EMLX to a range of email clients. It holds four essential steps to export data.


Enduring and Flexible Licensing: Unlimited Validity for All Users with Option to Upgrade

The licensed version for individuals to commercial users is valid for an unlimited duration. Users can use the app as long as they desire. They can upgrade the application if they want as we update applications to introduce new features.

Tools Faq's

Here are the general steps to export data.

  1. Step 1- Access the tool and choose File or Folder mode to filter data
  2. Step 2- Press the "Browse" tab to filter and upload EMLX files
  3. Step 3- Get the preview of the uploaded EMLX files
  4. Step 4- Select the required file format
  5. Step 5- Hit the "Browse" tab to locate the location to save data
  6. Step 6- Press the final conversion button
No, it is a lightweight application. It requires a few MB of space on your hard drive. It downloads within a few minutes or seconds.
No, it doesn't interfere with your system speed. It is a lightweight program. Downloading and running the app is safe. You can export data while you are busy with other tasks on your computer.
The application supports batch conversion. You can consider the app to export single and multiple EMLX files. You can export ten or a hundred EMLX files at once.
Yes, you can. After the conversion of EMLX into PDF, users have enough flexibility to open, share, and archive EMLX data wherever they want.
Yes, the individual license is valid for an indefinite duration. Users can consider the app to use as long as they desire. There is no time duration objection to using the licensed version.
The EMLX Converter Suite for individual and commercial versions is the same for features. They are different for downloading and running the app. An individual version is for a single user.
We share links of the app to your registered email address to download it as you make the payment. It delivers quickly or within a few hours of your payment.

Software Specifications

System Requirement

ProcessorAny Pentium Class

Operating SystemWindows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Other

Memory512 MB Minimum

Hard Disk100 MB of free space for software installation

Software Delivery

ElectronicVia Email


Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

Support OptionEmails, Chat & Skype

Customer Reviews

What Our Customer Says


Randell C. Davis

United States

  My friends and I were searching for a reliable alternative to EMLX conversion to multiple formats. Finally, our search ended here. This is an extraordinarily remarkable application for individuals. We hope professionals can also find the app self-sufficient and outstanding.  

Samuel Jonsson


  I have tried more than five EMLX conversion apps. Softaken EMLX Suite was my last trial. After trying the demo version I found it too simple to use. However, I gathered my courage and got the licensed version. It is truly a straight app to be used by a novice.  

Charley Alexander


  My three friends recommended me Softaken for conversion applications. When I compared features I was astonished with the simplicity of the app and took no time to decide to get its license. Now, I am happy and satisfied with the performance of this application.  

Gabriel Quinlivan


  This Softaken EMLX Suite is seriously a one-stop application to meet the need for the conversion of all EMLX files. The app works exactly as it is demonstrated in the free trial version. You can consider the utility to save time and effort. It paves the goal of conversion smoothly.