softaken Freeware File Extension Changer

Softaken Freeware File Extension Changer

A freeware program to change any file extension to another extension

  • Change file extensions without modifying content
  • Instant and  safe changing of extensions without any hassles
  • Fully free to utilize on Windows OS
  • Easily change multiple file extensions in few steps
  • Bulk loading of files to change their extensions
  • Quality is maintained during change of file extensions
  • Easy to utilize without getting any technical expertise
  • Replace old file extension with new extension in 3 steps
  • Add multiple file extensions as input like PDF, DOC, HTML, JPG, PNG, etc.
file extension changer

Explore valuable features of Freeware Extension Changer Program


Free to use

This program is completely free to use. No investment is required for this application. Simply install and start it for changing any file extension to another file extension. You are also permitted to use this software on any Windows version.


3 Simple Steps Process

The entire process of changing extensions has 3 steps – add file, choose desired extension, and press Go button. In very less time, you will get old file is changed with new file extension. Without any confusion, users can comfortably work with this freeware.


Support for all file extensions

Any file with any extension can be added on this tool to convert into desired file extension. You can add PNG, JPG, PDF, RAR, HTML, XLS, DOC, RTF, etc. files to change them into preferred file extensions within few mouse clicks.


Input many files with different extensions

There is no rule for adding files of same extensions to add on the software panel. You can add multiple files with different file extensions at a time and by providing output extension, this software change them to selected file extensions.

Tools Faq's

Here are the steps to change file extensions:
  1. Install this freeware tool for changing file extensions from old to new.
  2. Set extension you want to change.
  3. Define destination file extension type.
  4. Hit Go button and check results on the screen.
This freeware program can easily add multiple files with same or different extensions to change into preferred file extensions.
Yes, after changing extensions, users can see original file and new file extension displayed on the screen.
Of course, this program is fully free of cost. You can utilize it without spending anything on it.
This is fully Windows-based program and can be used comfortably on all versions of Windows operating systems.