Reasons to use Softaken PowerPoint Recovery Software

01. Main Features

Eminent features of Softaken PowerPoint Recovery Tool

Best way to fix PowerPoint Corrupt Files and Restores PPTX files

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Recover Corrupt PowerPoint File

PPT File Recovery Software well supports removing and recovery of corrupt PowerPoint files. Even this software can smartly remove all kinds of corruption from PPTX files. It can easily fix corruption from multiple pages of PPTX files by retaining all its components like font, formatting, images, etc.

Recover PPTX files from multiple OS & platforms

This advanced program can easily fix corrupt PPTX files generated by multiple operating systems and platforms. You can utilize this app to recover all items of corrupted PPTX files including videos, audio, pictures, 3D models, etc.

Execute Batch Files Recovery

This MS PowerPoint File Repair Tool allows users to perform the repair of multiple PPTX files at a time. This way users can save time & effort. With all versions of MS Office, the software quickly repairs multiple PowerPoint files which are corrupt or damaged.

Scan, preview & save recovered PPT files

Once the PowerPoint files are added to the software panel, it scans the files & removes all damages from them. Thereafter, users can preview the recovered PowerPoint files in their original format. Later, it offers an option to save the restored PowerPoint file to any location of the user’s system.

Maintenance of Data Integrity

It has been found that the layout & format of PowerPoint files get modified when they are processed with any tool. But this PPTX Repair Tool is designed in a way that it maintains the formatting and included objects of PowerPoint as it is even after PPTX file recovery.

MS PowerPoint Installation is Not compulsory

This PowerPoint File Restore Tool functions on its own and users do not need to go through the installation of other applications to use it. But after the PPTX database recovery, to view the recovered PPTX files, users need MS PowerPoint installation in their system.

Well support for Office & Windows OS

This utility offers wide compatibility with all versions of MS PowerPoint that create PPTX files. This program supports all PPTX files created in MS Office 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and the below versions. At the same time, PPTX File Repair Tool can be operated on all Windows versions.

Recover Images of the PPTX file

PowerPoint files include images and corruption may harm these images and users won’t get them back even after opening PPTX files. This will not happen if you use Softaken PowerPoint File Recovery Software. This utility can easily recover all images included in PowerPoint presentation slides.

Easy Repairing Process

This PPTX File Repair Tool can repair your damaged PowerPoint files without any technical knowledge. This software has an interactive interface and simple steps for hassle-free PowerPoint database recovery. The complete PPT file can be repaired & restored in 3-4 simple steps by this automated tool.

02. Other Features

Other helpful features of Softaken PowerPoint Recovery Tool

Support MS PowerPoint All versions

This app supports the recovery of corrupt PPTX files created by PowerPoint 2021, 2019, 2016, etc.

Support recovery of all kinds of media

This tool can recover all kinds of media like videos, audio, 3D models, and more from corrupt PPTX files.

Support Batch PPTX File Repair

You are free to add multiple PPTX files at once to repair them using this tool.

Support PPTX files on corrupted media

This app supports repairing PPTX files on corrupted media like floppy disks, CDROMs, Zip disks, etc.

03. How it works

How does the software work to recover corrupt PowerPoint files?

By using this automated tool, one can quickly recover corrupt PPTX files without any data harm. The software smartly works on all Windows editions and safely recovers all items from damaged or corrupted PowerPoint files.


Step 1

Install and Run Softaken PowerPoint Recovery Software..

Step 2

Choose and load the corrupted PPTX files.

Step 3

Preview the data of the PPTX file after repair.

Step 4

Now, set a location where you want to save the recovered PPTX files.

Step 5

Press the ‘Recovery’ button and this starts recovering the added PPTX file.

05. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How to recover damaged PowerPoint files using PPT Recovery Software?

Only a few simple steps are involved in using this program to recover PPTX files:

  1. Launch this software and then add one or more PowerPoint files.
  2. This starts the scanning process and shows a preview of PPT files.
  3. Set a path where you want to save the repaired PPTX files.
  4. This starts the saving process. Then, press the OK button.

Does this program support PowerPoint files created in MS Office 2019?

Yes, this PPTX Repair Tool will support MS Office 2019 and lower versions

How many PPTX files can be added at once to fix PowerPoint corrupt files?

Users can add many PowerPoint files at a time in this PPT Recovery Tool to recover corrupt PowerPoint files.

Does the software support repairing PowerPoint for Office 365 files?

Yes, Softaken PPTX Recovery Tool completely supports PowerPoint for Office 365 files.

Is this toolkit free to download and use?

Yes, you can download the free version of the PowerPoint File Recovery Tool. It allows users to preview the repaired PPTX files but you can’t save them with the free version.

Will this utility restore the actual formatting and images of PowerPoint files?

Yes, while repairing PPTX files, the software will maintain the original formatting and other content of the PPTX file.

Do I require specific knowledge to use this PPTX Recovery Software?

No, the software has simple steps and a simple interface so no specific knowledge is required to use it.

I have corrupted PPTX files but they are password-protected. Will this utility repair them?

Yes, of course. The software can smoothly repair password-protected PowerPoint files.

What if something goes wrong while using the PowerPoint Recovery Tool?

In case of any issue in using this program, connect with our support team through chat or email.

Does this app deal with PowerPoint error-based corruptions?

Yes, the tool can fix PowerPoint errors and remove them.

06. Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I am completely happy after using Softaken PPT Recovery Software. This utility smoothly retrieved all my data from corrupt PowerPoint files. I will highly recommend this app to all needy users.

Rafael Godinho Godinho


What an amazing PowerPoint Recovery app at this affordable price. It fixed PPTX files corruption and helped me to get out of errors. Thanks in tonnes for this program.

Rui Ribeiro


Truly an easy-to-handle and reliable program to fix corrupted PowerPoint files. It recovered all data items by retaining the original formatting and layout of PowerPoint files.

Jahn Matteus

United States


How to manually repair PowerPoint files?

There are lots of free ways to repair corrupt PowerPoint files. Here, we will learn them.

Method 1. Using the Open and Repair option

  • Open PowerPoint on your system. Open it by clicking on the Windows start menu instead of double-clicking the PPT file.
  • Hit the File menu and choose Open.
  • Click on the Browse option and add the corrupt or damaged PPTX files.
  • Click on the down arrow next to the Open button.
  • Hit the Open and Repair option. This will reopen the PPTX file in protected view.

Method 2. Inserting slides into a new presentation

One simplest way to fix PPTX file corruption is to import them to a blank presentation.

  • Open the PowerPoint.
  • Click on Blank Presentation
  • Then, click on the new slide on the Home tab.
  • Click on Reuse slides on the menu.
  • Hit the Browse button and choose the corrupted/damaged PPTX file. Then, hit the Open button.
  • Right-click on one of the slides in the preview and choose Insert all slides. This imports all slides from the corrupted PPTX file to your blank presentation.

Method 3. Moving the PPT to a different drive

  • Open the folder having corrupt Presentation files. Use File Explorer on Windows or Mac to open the folder having PPTX files.
  • Connect an external hard drive.
  • Open a folder on the second drive.
  • Click and drag the file from the original location to the second drive.
  • Double-click the PPTX file at its new location.