Refund Policy

Guidelines for Refund

Our refund policy is an important part of our 100% client satisfaction motto. We keeps it simple and reader friendly. Shoppers has the right request for refund for the product/software for the 30 days from the date of purchase, if your case comes into the following refund guidelines.

Please Note – Refund is not possible in these situations

  • If you purchased Wrong Software
  • If you not try Demo Version before buying Licensed Version
  • Please enter your Email Address Carefully (Email Address Cannot be changed after purchase)
  • Refund is not possible on Duplicate Orders
  • If you don't give any chance to solve your issue.
  • Refund is not possible if you have converted your file from our staff (Conversion is paid service and we charge 29 USD for 1GB Data)
  • Bundle Offers are not Refundable

The shopping is done by the online site or through authorized dealer·

We Pay Back in case of:

Refund will be considered only if one of the below conditions hold true

  • (1.1)- The software you have ordered from us is not available in full version
  • (1.2)- Our customer care team fails to guide during software installation process
  • (1.3)- If the client is able to perform the operation as stated with demo version but these functions are not available in the Full Version.
  • (1.4)- In case the licensed program is working but not completely then we will provide a solution for that.
  • (1.5)- Feel yourself comfortable to connect with our technical expert team in case the application you have bought from us is not executing the performance that has been promised to provide. Our technical support team will do the needful after studying and analysing the problem. If the issue is not resolved, we will refund the amount that you have spent on purchasing the software from us. is not responsible for any one of the following:

  • (2.1)- You have shopped a wrong product accidently. For example, you wish to purchase the individual software, but by mistake you have bought the software using for commercial purpose).
  • (2.1)- Misdirect email (the email has not received or gone to a wrong recipient).
  • (2.2)- You have not downloaded the software in the given time period or the activation date is bounced.
  • (2.3)- Delay because of any unforeseen uncontrolled factor
  • (2.4)- In case the activation email is marked as a spam mail by the email client application of the client
  • (2.5)- You have made shopping of the software and has completed the process, now you don't want the program any longer
  • (2.6)- You has purchased the software accidently, you don't want it
  • (2.7)- While shopping is your aim but it was not to shop the specific program
  • (2.8)- After downloading the complete version, you are getting difficulties to operate it in your system
  • (2.9)- The purchased software is not suitable for the platform you are using
  • (2.10)- Weekend delay to process the license of the purchased software
  • (2.11)- Unable to run the software as the basic needs to operate the program are unable to fulfilled by your PC
  • (2.12)- Miss-interpretation by clients when they are taking technical support from our tech assistants.
  • (2.13)- The ordered items is damaged due to your fault (remember, we verified each and every returned product carefully, if we notice such thing we cannot pay back).
  • (2.14)- ou have missed to return back the ordered item in the right time (we follow 30 days return policy that activates from the date you have made shopping)

Refund is not valid:

  • (3.1)- The refund policy is not considered if the client have made shopping of any of our program without evaluating its Free Demo Version, the refund will not provide
  • (3.2)- If the software is failed to provide the performance for which it is designed for and likewise, none other software in the market also couldn't perform the same process, then, refund cannot be claimed. If, however, some other software performs the process successfully unlike our software, then, refund can be claimed.
  • (3.3)- If 40% recovery or migration is done without any interruption by our software, the refund policy will not consider valid.
  • (3.4)- If our software is not capable to perform the process for which it has been projected to perform, and likewise, none other software in the market also couldn't perform the same process, then you cannot claim for refund.
  • (3.5)- If users have made shopping of any of our application without examine its demo version, they cannot claim for refund.
  • (3.6)- When a client is unwilling to upload their files on Our FTP due to application Failure: There are 'N' numbers of corruption cases, and any particular corruption case, the user finds some issues in successfully perform the process, we can then ask the user for uploading his files on our secure FTP Server or any other cloud service in order to provide him the best that we can. We don't feel any hesitation to sign the Non Discloser Agreement (NDA) because we respect privacy of clients. In case the user is facing difficulty in handling the process and is not ready to upload his files on our FTP server even we are all set to sign the NDA agreement, the refund policy will not work.

Consider Trial of Our Demo Version:

We request each and every consumer to try the demo version of our software first before you make shopping. The free trial allows you to understand the key features of the software you want to purchase and you can able to operate the program efficiently. It also prevents you from the trouble of return back the purchased software.

(Note:Upgrading is considered but we cannot do downgrading. In other words, you have accidently purchased the software for individual use, you can ask to upgrade it for commercial use. So it is not possible for us to degrade.)

How Does Our Refund Policy Work?

In case you are facing any technical issue with our product, kindly contact to our technical support team. We are endeavoured to take each enquiry seriously and patiently. Your technical issues are analysed and evaluated by the tech support team to provide you the best support as soon as possible.

There are some criteria we have set to maintain the company standard and refund policy. Before you apply for refund please duly follow some instructions:

  • Take screenshots of errors you are facing while operating the program. Make a complete video of conversion or recovery and send us the video via email (It helps us to analyse your problem)
  • If our technical team finds the video inappropriate to analyse the problem then you need to send your file through any cloud service like Google Drive, Dropbox or any you trust.
  • If the file is too heavy then you can provide remote access to check on your system

In case, you follow any of our given instructions duly but our technical support team fails to guide you the best, we are determined to process refund as soon as possible…