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Softaken Split PST Tool

Outlook PST Splitter to Divide & break Large Sized MS Outlook PST files into Smaller PST files. Split Outlook PST Files in different criteria like Date, Size, Year and Folder.

Price: $49 » Supported OS: Windows

Outlook Splitter is best Split PST Tool for splitting and dividing large/oversized sized MS Outlook PST file into smaller PST files to avoid corruption.
Did you know PST files are prone to damage or corrupt when they are oversized? It is smart to understand the limit of PST file storage capacity. If you are using PST ANSI, you cannot exceed the limit more than 2 GB. If you are using PST Unicode, the limit of a file can go up to 20 GB or up to 50 GB 0but the oversized file can create trouble.

Split PST Pro overview:

  • Enable users to split files according to Date, year, size or folder
  • Capable to work on both archive and newly created PST files
  • Split all items stored in your PST file - Contacts, emails, tasks etc
  • No size limitation- split both Unicode and ANSI
  • Compatible to MS Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013 formats
  • Corrupt PST data require to be recovered before splitting
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Free Download Split PST Pro Tool to Split Outlook PST File

Divide Any Large PST Files

The application is designed to divide any size of PST file into smaller files. Without compromising quality, the app divides both Unicode and ANSI PST files. Neither format nor meta properties of divided PST files are spoiled.

Divide PST files by Year

MS Outlook PST File Splitter allows you to divide Outlook file by year. The application helps you to create a separate file for each year. For example, if you have chosen from 2005 to 2010, you will have 6 PST files. You can choose division of PST files by the current and the upcoming year.

Divide Outlook Archive Files

The application is capable to split archive PST file or folder without any error and according to your desire. Split as per date, year, folder or size.

Split PST by Folders

The feature creates multiple PST files for each folder by size. According to your specified size, it divides PST files such as Outlook. pst for Outbox folder etc.

Create New PST to Save Items

The application allows users to save PST files in any location of your system after splitting. It also allows creating new PST files to save the divided PST files.

Support all Major Outlook Versions

Split PST Pro support Outlook 2003, 2007, 2013, 2010 and 2016 PST file formats. Thus, after specifying the Outlook version, the tool itself identifies the format of PST file.

3 Different Division Options

Users have the opportunity to select any 3 option to divide PST files.

  • Split by Year
  • Split by Size
  • Split by folder

Split PST Files by Size

Whatever standard size you want for your PST, choose it. The application allows users to split MS Outlook PST files according to sizes. Divide the size range from 5 MB to 10 GB and easily split large sized Outlook PST files.

Divide PST Files by Date

MS Outlook PST File Splitter allows users to divide PST files according to date. Here users just need to choose a specific date and the tool will divide the data into 2 parts- the first part will contain "of and prior" data to the specific date whereas the other part have "after" that date data.

Oversized PST File Issues

Split PST pro doesn't support splitting of those PST items that has been corrupted or damaged due to their oversize. Software only works with healthy PST files and split it quickly.

Log Report to Compare PST Files

Know the quality of split files with Log Report. After the breaking of files into smaller files is done, check the comparison report that holds folder name, sum, Folder Path and number of items in source PST files of each folder.

This is an advanced tool, working smoothly on almost all major Windows platforms. You can run it on Windows 8 without any interruption.
No, it doesn't need Outlook environment to perform its task.
No, it doesn't. PST Split Pro only splits health Outlook PST files or those that are not corrupt. If you wish to split corrupt data, you need to repair it first and then run the PST Split program to split the file.
It takes a little time to split a big Outlook file. An estimate time is depended on how big a PST file is.
No, you cannot. The software is capable to break only one file at a time.
Yes, it is capable to do so. Users have freedom to split archive data by date, size, year and folder.

How to Split MS Outlook PST File?

  • Click on browse button to select targeted Outlook PST file format.
  • 3 options for splitting MS Outlook PST file is available, choose desired option and get multiple Outlook PST files
    • Split by Size
    • Split by Folder
    • Split by year
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Softaken Split PST Client Reviews

I was looking for splitting PST. Luckily I came across your tool. The highly customized split features fulfilled my requirements. Satisfied with the tool.
star rating
The straight forward software comes with a handy and easy to use solution.
star rating
Gilbert Victor
I have saved many bulky PST files from corruption using this app. I am thankful to your team for introducing this significant utility.
star rating
Roberto Cocchini
What I like most about the tool is its multiple options to split Outlook archives. I have found the app noteworthy for official use.
star rating
Jean Slemko
Every Outlook user knows how tough it is to maintain Outlook archive if they are working with it for many years. PST Splitter is a remarkable tool to divide PST according to your chosen criteria. It lets you manage Outlook data more efficiently.
star rating
This is very easy to use. However, I wish I could see the preview of the selected PST files.
star rating
The software does everything what it describes.
star rating
Charles Bacigalupi
I will rate the software 8 out of 10 for its easy to use interface, multiple options to split data and split only targeted file in smaller outlook PST files.
star rating
Anders Olsson
I needed to split several PST documents. This Windows tool took less than half an hour to split over 10 PST files. The speed is great. I am lucky to find this under my budget.
star rating
Mosaad Elsayed
Due to oversize issue I lost 4 important PST files. I didn’t want to lose more, experimented over 10 PST splitters. Some are faster but expensive, some are average and some I didn’t find much useful. Your split PST was my 5th trial which I found friendly, advanced and affordable.
star rating
Burt Barrere
Feeling awesome and lucky to have this program.
star rating
Alessandro Bertoldi
I rely on this streamlined and user friendly application to achieve error free PST splitting options.
star rating
Franklin Chavez
I would like to recommend the app to all offices working on Ms Outlook. My organization is using this compact and quickly access software to split oversized Outlook files every now and then…
star rating
There are no hidden menus and no toolbars, just a main window where you can easily add a desirable PST file that you want to split by size, folder or year. From my point of view this app is excellent for novice like me.
star rating
Mike Cavill
My break pst experience with this program is as per the expectation. I didn’t ask technical support. It took me hardly a few minutes to understand the app.
star rating
James Payne
There is no word to say more than ‘Thank you’.
star rating
John Paulsen
Feature-wise this split PST is advance. I have split over 70 PST documents as per year basis, then I merged all with your merge tool of pst. Every time the result was accurate. I am happy and satisfied.
star rating
Ganesh Peramaih
It will rate this software 5 out of 5 for its simple interface and incredible split speed. Thank you to your team for this wonderful utility.
star rating
Antonio Leitao
Simply affordable
star rating
Nathan Brower
Dividido pst Melhor ferramenta
star rating
Sebastião Reis Martins Martins
installation process is fast. you encounter with a compact, plain and clear-cut main window that itself describes the steps to follow. therefore, working with split pst pro is easy. it has gui support. working with split pst pro is quite easy because everything is on display.
star rating
in conclusion, split pst tool is a lightweight and modest program to split large pst files. according to feature wise, it is similar to other pst splitters. it works smoothly without installation of ms outlook. it has nothing that you can criticize it.
star rating
Hugo Franco