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VCF to CSV Converter

vcf to csv

A reliable utility to convert entire vCard data to CSV Format

Key Characteristics of the Software

  • Fast conversion support is offered
  • Convert all sizes vCard to CSV format
  • Need little technical assistance to operate the app
  • Extract desirable vCard data to CSV
  • Capable to save the conversion locally or local drive
  • Allow to configure the app in any Windows OS including XP, Vista, 8 & 10


CSV (Common Separated Values) is a highly compatible format that saves contact data of multiple internet mails and email clients like Thunderbird, Gmail and Google Apps.

VCF is also a highly compatible file extension, supportive to email clients like MS Outlook and multiple mobile devices like iPhone, palm computer, smartphones etc… With vCard to CSV converter, you can enable to import vCard data existed in mobile devices to your Thunderbird. We all know that how important contacts are for us. This software aims to deal with contact sharing fast, easy and secure.

VCF to CSV Converter Key Features

Error Free Conversion Support

The vCard to CSV converter gives risk free conversion. The reliable app exports entire selected vCard safely. It leaves no data unread and missed. It doesn't cause any damage. The data is transferred in the same order that is in the original file format.

Convert Entire Data

All the contact details including name, title, phone number, address, email address and other details are scanned to convert entirely.

Convert Desirable Data

The file filter feature allows you to browse the specific CSV file that you actually want to export. Thus, it gives you authority to transfer only valuable vCard data.

Save Conversion Locally

With vCard to CSV converter, users are allowed to save conversion locally. Users can create a local folder to hold the converted data safely. There is less chance of data mismanagement.

Convert at Fast Speed

It quickly scans the selected vCard file to make it ready for conversion. The scanning takes just a few seconds.

Free Download

Free trial of vCard to CSV exporter is ready for trial. This is a 30-day free offer that has some restrictions but it is very helpful to practically understand the key functions of the app.