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PDF Protector

"A safe & easy to handle tool to protect unwanted editing, copying and printing of PDFs with Password Feature"

Key Features to Protect PDF Files

  • Allow users to set PDF file security
  • Allow users to reset PDF file security
  • Restrict user to print, edit and copy PDFs
  • Work with all major versions of Windows like XP, Vista and 10
  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Free trial for every interested user

Highly enthusiastic to launch a magnificent tool called "PDF Protector Pro". The program enables you to set and reset security of PDF files. Secure your important portable documents from unwanted changes and printing. The software is compatible for both personal and professional purpose.


PDF Protector Software Features

PDF is a widely used file format. It is liked to save documents, stories, resumes, invoices etc… The portable document is easy to save and send data. Many of you use PDF to save and send confidential data. To make PDF files confidential, PDF Protector Pro assists you to set and reset security.

Set Security

PDF Protector Pro lets you to set the security of any type of PDF file with ease. It protects your personal information by allowing you to set desirable password.  Users can set password using words, numbers and signs.

Reset Security

In case you have forgotten the password of a PDF file, you can reset it easily with PDF Protector tool. The application lets you reset security with just 2-3 simple steps.

Easy to Use

PDF Protector is a simple application that has been designed to handle without any technical issue. Users find the app familiar because steps are easy to follow and remember.

Restrict to Copy

A locked portable document cannot be copied. No one can copy the text, graphics and any content of the locked document.

Restrict to Edit

PDF Protector prevents editing of a PDF file. No changes of the file can be made until it is unlocked.

Download Free Tool to Secure PDF Files

Free demo of PDF Protector is here to download today. The tool consumes less than a minute to install. Run in your Windows platform without any third tool support. It is an independent app.

Restrict to Print PDF

With security setup, a PDF file cannot be printed. PDF Protector Software restricts any third party to print your PDF file.


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