PDF File

pdf fileA PDF file is a file format that is independent of application, software, hardware and operating systems. It means to read or open a PDF file, there is no such application, hardware or operating system required. You can read, edit and create a PDF file in any operating system. PDF stands for Portable Document Format, developed by Adobe Systems. The file extension has been widely accepted to create a portable document for personal and professional purpose. More than 10 versions of PDF have been launched. The latest is 1.7 Adobe Extension Level 8. All Adobe PDF 1.7 versions are technically consistent. The future version is expecting to launch by ISO technical committees.


Quickly and Easily Created

Struggling to create a well-structured document? Striving to complete the file updates? Create a PDF file which is easy to create. It takes almost no time to create a PDF. Just a few clicks of the mouse and you will create an electronic file.


A PDF file is secured. It has facility to prevent unauthorized access, editing and printing. This facility makes PDF popular among professionals. Add watermarks, set password and encrypt data are top features to secure your PDFs. Depending on the material you can able to decide on the best security measures work for you.

Compress Large Files

As the name describes, it is a portable file document. Users can compress large files to find room to adjust other files. Imagine you need to organize large files and sending them to an administrator. The PDF can make the job easier. It compresses large files. The feature is beneficial when documents have graphical elements. The compression level goes down without losing file quality.

Visual Elements Preserved

When you convert a Word file to PDF or a PowerPoint file to PDF, the file extensionhas capability to preserve the elements of the file. It means that all your text, graphs and images are effortlessly convert to PDF without losing format.

Interactive Functions

Form a simple PDF file to a highly creative PDF file can be created by adding various interactive elements. A PDF file holds hyperlinks, markup, file attachments, music and movies.

Easy to Print and Edit

A PDF file is easy to print and edit. If you know the password of the file, you can unlock to make required editing.

Easy to send

A PDF file is easily downloaded. It makes email data transaction easy and fast.