EML File

eml fileEML is a standard file format used for Email Messages. It conveniently stores emails and forwarded them. It is the file extension of Outlook Express. Since EML meets well with the standard of RFC822 Internet E-Mail Address format, it is efficiently used by other email clients including Apple Mail, MS Outlook, Entourage, Thunderbird and Windows Mail.

EML is in simple text format and formatted much like MHT (a web page archive file format), therefore eml. files can easily and directly opened in the Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. Editing of EML files is easily possible in the text editor like Notepad and Notepad++.

The EML file contains a short header and content. Like other common file formats, an ELM file header contains email address of the recipient and the sender, time, date and subject. The main body of the file contains the message. Hyperlinks and attachments are easily carried by EML file format.

Today, EML is one of the most widely used file formats for personal and official purpose. It has become a common file format that easily open, transfer and edit.

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