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Compress PST Tool

Tool to Compact Outlook PST Files

Reduce Outlook PST file size and Shrink PST with Compress PST Pro that helps to remove Junk/unused Space and Compact PST Successfully with PST Compressor Feature.

windows10-outlook-2016Your PST file can corrupt when storage capacity of it goes beyond limit. What do you do to fix the problem?  Do you remove your important PST files or compress it to minimize the size? PST compact tool of Softaken gives you the platform to resize a PST file by compressing it.

  • Compress large sized PST files by removing unused space, junk space and unused cache
  • Supports both ANSI & Unicode formats
  • Remove all attachments
  • Remove and save attachments and compress them
  • A standalone program, works without installation of MS Outlook
  • Compact PST files without causing any error
  • compact without removing any attachment
  • A Windows utility, compatible with all the latest editions of operating systems
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Key Features of Compact Outlook PST Software

Compress Large PST Files

A PST file can corrupt if the data storage goes beyond limitation (ANSI – 2GB and Unicode 20 GB). The advance utility gives you facility to extract attachments, compress them and save at the desired location in your system.

Remove & Save Attachments

This is called picking of a particular item. The utility extracts the attachments of a PST file and allows you to save in a new folder. In this way you can separate attachments from a PST file.

Extract Attachments to Desired PST Files

The application works according to your desire. It extracts attachments from those PST files that you have selected.

Free trial

Install free PST Compress tool trial. It lets you understand the key functions of the program closely.

Safe Task

The PST Shrink Program is safe to use. It performs its task safely. No data loss is occurred and no file is damaged during remove, compact and save attachment process.

Support 3 Options

To provide you with desired results, the PST Compressor program supports 3 options Remove All attachments Remove and save attachments Remove, save and compress attachments

Remove, Save & Compress

The feature enables you to remove attachments of the selected PST file to save in a new folder. The Shrink PST feature removes unused space, junk space and unused cache to let you make the file size compact.

Save Attachments to Desired Location

Save attachment feature saves the extracted attachments to user's specified location. A new folder can be created to save the extracted data.

A Standalone Utility

It is a standalone utility, performs Reduce and remove attachment of PST files without installation of MS Outlook.

Remove PST File Attachments

Under this option, the tool enables you to extract only attachments from a PST file to remove them permanently. It automatically shrinks the size of the original PST file and increase the data storage capacity.



Large sized Outlook Data Files can increase the risk of data loss and data corruption. It also makes the performance of MS Outlook slow. Freezing, hanging and corruption in the Personal Folder are some most common causes raised due to heave size of Outlook files. With the help of this software you can resize or shrink the size of large sized PST files and optimize performance of MS Outlook.
Yes, with PST Compress application, you can able to resize multiple PST files at a time.
It offers multiple options to compress PST to find the desirable result.
  • Remove unused, Junk and unused cache space
  • remove all attachments
  • remove and save attachments
  • remove and save and compress attachments
  • don't remove any attachments just compact by unused space and cache
No, You can compress Outlook PST File of any size. PST Compress software is specially designed to compress both ANSI and UNICODE type of PST files.

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