Reasons to use Softaken BKF Database Recovery Tool

01. Main Features

Main Features of Softaken BKF File Recovery Tool

Repair BKF file easily created with Windows NTBackup and Veritas Backup Exec

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Repair Corrupt Windows Backup file

With BKF Repair Software, one can repair any Windows backup file corruption. It can smartly repair the corrupt, or damaged Windows backup file and recovers its complete data. To perform the recovery process, no need for technical intelligence with users as the complete process is very simple.

Recover & Restore Windows BKF file

Once the software recovers the data from corrupt, inaccessible or damaged BKF file, you can restore it in its original form. After restoring the data, you can access all information on the file that was available earlier, not a single data item will be lost during the process.

Save recovered data at desired path

You can freely save the recovered Windows backup file at any path. During the recovery process, the software will ask users to save those files. Users can pick any hard drive, PC, or other location of their choice. Thus, users can set their preferred location to save the backup data.

Maintain Data Integrity of BKF files

During NTBackup Recovery, the software maintains the originality of data files. Without taking much time, the software performs instant and safe recovery of corrupt BKF file. By proper scanning, the software recovers damaged BKF files by maintaining the original formatting & folder structure of data files.

Instilled with preview option

Once this tool recovers data from corrupt BKF files, you can get a preview of the restored items before saving them. Throughout this process, not a single data item will be lost. Every item is safely restored from corrupt & inaccessible BKF files.

Support NTBackup and Symantec Exec

This BKF File Repair Tool allows users to recover data from Veritas Backup Exec by Symantec & Windows NTBackup generated backup file. One can easily work to restore/open BKF files without any issues. Also, this utility can restore Windows backup from an external hard drive without any losses.

Run on all Windows OS editions

TYou can utilize this software on any version of Windows operating system as it well supports all such as 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and others. Also, using this program, one can recover any type of Windows BKF file as it supports all the BKF files created on different versions of Windows.

Resolve BKF file errors

If you have an old archived BKF file and now you want to access its data but it is showing an error message then no worries at all. This software allows users to recover data from BKF files having all types of errors. Even if NTBackup Tool is failed to retrieve data, still you can use this software.

Recover Compressed BKF files

This smart solution smoothly repairs compressed BKF files. It can immediately recover multi-dataset & multi-volume BKF archives. To restore data from BKF files, there is no need to get admin privileges when you have this advanced program.

02. Other Features

Other Helpful Features of BKF Recovery Tool

Support Compressed BKF Archives

BKF Repair Tool can support the recovery of compressed BKF archives.

Recover Multi-dataset and multi-volume BKF

This app can recover multi-dataset and multi-volume BKGF archives.

Support recovery of large BKF files

Any large BKF file that is corrupt & damaged is recovered by the tool.

Support Microsoft/Veritas BKF files

This app repairs BKF files created by Microsoft/Veritas backup files.

03. How it works

How to repair the corrupt BKF file using this software?

Follow the below-mentioned instructions to fix & recover the Windows BKF file:


Step 1

Run BKF File Recovery Software on your Windows system.

Step 2

Hit the Open button to add the corrupt BKF file.

Step 3

Scanning of the added BKF file.

Step 4

Now, suggest a destination path to save the repaired BKF file.

Step 5

Hit the OK button and this successfully stores the recovered BKF file.

Step 6

Press the OK button and exit from the software.

05. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this BKF File Repair Tool have file size restrictions to repair corrupt BKF file?

No, this application does not impose any limitation on the size of BKF file. You can easily scan & recover backup file of any size.

How long does this software take to repair corrupt Windows BKF file?

The working speed of this utility is very fast. However, the size of .bkf file also matters as a large BKF file may take more time to scan.

Which types of data we can recover from damaged BKF file with the software?

The software allows to repair & extract all data from BKF file including images, presentations, documents, videos, audios, and others.

Which versions of Windows OS are supported by this utility?

This BKF Recovery Tool supports all the newer and below versions of Windows OS such as Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and others.

What is the difference between the free version and paid version of BKF Recovery Tool?

The free version of the software reads corrupt BKF file and show all its files/folders after recovery but can’t save those files on the computer system.

06. Testimonials

Client Testimonials

This product is excellent and through this, we have recovered all necessary data from corrupt BKF files. This utility is very friendly and secure to use without the loss of any data item.

Robert Kang

United States

Thanks for introducing this high-performance utility which smoothly repaired my corrupt BKF files. I didn’t face any problems in operating this program & this is because of its simplicity.

Chadd Myers

United States

Using this amazing tool, I repaired various BKF files at a time. Moreover, the software worked speedily to repair corrupt BKF files and with 100% data accuracy. I am glad to use this program and recommend it to others.

Paolo Ponti



How to Manually Recover a Corrupted BKF File?

Using Microsoft's built-in utility named NTBackup.exe, one can repair BKF files. Let us understand the complete process to restore BKF file data:

  • Open the folder containing expand and then run as an administrator.
  • You will get a pop-up Removable Store Service, hit OK on it.
  • Now, you will see a window showing Welcome to the backup or restoration wizard. Then, press Next to go ahead.
  • Then, select the Restore file and setting option. Then, press the Next button.
  • Click on the Browse button and select the BKF file. Then, Hit the OK button.
  • After that, users need to expand from the left pane and pick the desired file & folder. Then, hit the OK button.
  • Now, click on Advanced.
  • Then, select the original location option to save the output file from the Restore file drop-down menu. Press the Next button.
  • Finally, tap on the Finish button to complete the process to repair the corrupted BKF file.