Softaken Outlook PST Conversion Suite

An all-in-one application to transfer PST files to the desired file formats without losing data integrity and structure! A suitable choice for technicians and non-technician users! A suitable tool for individuals, small businesses, and enterprises!

Softaken PST Suite
PST Suite

A Well-Examined One-Stop Application to Export PST to Multiple Platforms

100% recommended application to transfer PST files of any size to the desired file format, such as NSF, TGZ, MBOX, MSG, EML, EMLX, HTML, MHTML, PDF, Gmail, and IMAP server-based applications.

  • Export single or multiple PST files at once or in bulk
  • Convert selective PST files to provide the desired results
  • Enable users to export multiple PST files into Lotus Notes
  • Export PST to TGZ by exporting MS Outlook to Zimbra
  • Convert PST data to EML and MBOX to convert into multiple platforms
  • Export PST data to EMLX to access Outlook for Windows to Apple Mail
  • Export PST to HTML/MHTML to access Outlook for Windows data to web pages
  • Convert PST to PDF to make Outlook for Windows sharable and easy to archive
  • Export Outlook for Windows data to Gmail to facilitate cloud conversion
  • Export Outlook for Windows data to several IMAP server-based applications
  • Convert PST files of any size
  • Compatible with Outlook 2003, 2006, 2010, 2013, 2016, and other latest versions
  • A highly-recommend application for individuals and businesses

Why Choose Softaken PST Suite?

Get 100% accurate conversion results of MS Outlook files to a range of platforms

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Make the Conversion Process Effortless

The Softaken application makes the conversion process easy, fast, and accurate. It involves four vital steps to transfer PST to a desired file format. The app doesn't require Outlook installation to export data. It is a self-sufficient tool to export unlimited PST files to the required file format without losing file quality.

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Give Users Control over Resultants

The Softaken conversion program gives users outstanding control over resultants. Its custom conversion feature exports only required PST files. Advanced filtration helps to select and export specific folders of PST files. Every time, users get result satisfaction. Its custom conversion maintains data privacy and quality.

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Convert Multiple PST Files to Multiple Platforms

The application exports user-specified PST files to the specified file format. It supports batch conversion of PST files into multiple platforms, such as Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora, WLM, and various cloud platforms. By synchronizing the conversion process, the tool makes data transfer effortless and accurate.

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Prominenet Features of Softaken PST Suite


Streamlined Batch PST Conversion: Effortlessly Export Multiple PST Files of Any Quantity to Desired Formats with Ease

This application performs batch conversion of PST files. Users can select and export single, double, triple, and as many PST files as they desire. The application can export unlimited PST files to the desired file format within a few clicks. It simplifies the conversion goal and time.


Flexible Filtration Modes for PST Conversion: Tailor Your Export with File Mode and Folder Mode Precision

The tool has file filtration modes- File Mode and Folder Mode. The File Mode can filter selective PST files while the Folder Mode helps filter a specific folder holding PST files. The tool gives users significant control over the results.


Efficient PST Export Customization: Seamlessly Select and Export Specific Folders to Desired Formats for Targeted Conversion

It is a noticeable feature of the app. It exports entire or selective PST folders to the specified file format. Users can select or deselect the folders that they want to export. It helps avoid the conversion of unnecessary databases.


Dual-Purpose Excellence: Preview and Convert PST Files with Advanced Integrated Preview Feature

The tool comes with an upgraded feature of generating a preview of the uploaded PST files. It shows all folders a PST file holds and the items of each folder. The preview feature is beneficial to view PST files without Outlook. The tool performs dual roles- generates a view of PST files and converts PST.


Comprehensive PST Data Export: Preserve Original Attachments and Properties with Complete Conversion

The advanced app exports PST data with its entire properties. If an email holds attachments, the tool exports the email with attachments. It offers complete conversion of PST data. It transports attachments in their original format and structure.


Full Format Support: Effortlessly Convert ANSI and Unicode PST Files with Varied Size Capabilities

PST file format has two types – ANSI and Unicode. The application supports both ANSI and Unicode file formats. It scans ANSI versions of up to 2GB and Unicode of up to 50 GB to upload and convert data.


Compatibility: Seamlessly Convert Outlook Files Across All Versions, from 2003 to the Latest Editions

The advanced application is compatible with all versions of MS Outlook including 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and other latest versions. The app fulfills the goal of conversion of Outlook to any version. It supports old and new versions of Outlook.


Endless License Benefits: Enjoy Unlimited Conversion with Timeless Validity for Both Individual and Business Versions

The license validity of the application is unlimited. Users can consider the solution as long as they want. The app offers unlimited conversion to license holders. Whether it is the individual version or the business version, the application is valid for an unlimited duration.


Efficient Selective PST to MSG Export: Streamlined Generation of Multiple MSG Files from Selective PST Folders

The conversion tool enables the export of selective PST files into MSG file format. The export tools create multiple MSG files automatically. The tool extracts selective folders of PST to MSG. The bulk conversion feature saves time and effort for users.


Tailored PST to NSF Conversion: Preserve Original Structure by Exporting Selective PST Folders to NSF Format with Preview Control

The app offers custom conversion of PST to NSF where only selective folders of a PST file are exported to NSF file format without losing the original structure. The export program has a preview button to deselect the folders of PST files to convert only selected folders to NSF.


Efficient Conversion of Selective Outlook Files: Generate Multiple EML Files and Choose MBOX Options for Seamless Export

The app converts selective Outlook files to EML and MBOX formats. The app automatically creates multiple files in EML format. For MBOX, it provides users the option to save PST to a single MBOX file or multiple MBOX files. It extracts all attachments and emails properties of PST to MBOX.


Streamlined Batch PST to EMLX Conversion: Accurate Export of Selective PST Files to EMLX with Full Fidelity

The app exports selective PST files to EMLX. With the batch conversion feature, it allows users to export single or multiple PST files to EMLX file format without losing folders, items of folders, and structure of items. It gives 100% accurate conversion satisfaction to users.


Effortless Multi-PST to PDF Extraction: Seamlessly Convert Multiple PST Files to PDF with Full Email Properties and Attachments

The advanced application supports the extraction of multiple PST files to save in PDF file format. During conversion, it extracts all email properties of a PST file including attachments to save in PDF. The feature makes sharing and archiving of Outlook data convenient and fast.


Effortless Outlook to HTML/MHTML Conversion: Convert PST Files to Interactive Web Pages for Easy Sharing and Access Across Platform

The app exports target PST files to HTML or MHTML format. It converts Outlook for Windows emails into web pages to share and archive data. After conversion, Outlook data is accessible without Outlook and several web platforms like Chrome.


Seamless Cloud Migration: Effortlessly Export PST Files to Gmail

The significant tool converts Outlook for Windows data into the cloud by exporting PST to Gmail. It requires Gmail credentials to connect automatically for conversion. Only specified PST files can export to the specified Gmail account and the new or old folder.


Effortless Outlook to IMAP Conversion: Seamlessly Migrate PST Data to Various IMAP Servers with Rapid Setup and Extraction

The advanced app supports the conversion of Outlook for Windows data to any IMAP-based application like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, and Yahoo in no time. For connection, it requires the host, port, and credentials of the account. It extracts emails of PST to the desired IMAP account.

Tools Faq's

It is a user-friendly software. It converts PST files within a few clicks.

  1. Step 1– Download and launch the application
  2. Step 2– Select the filtration option – File or Folder Mode and hit "Browse"
  3. Step 3– Get the preview of the selected PST files
  4. Step 4– Choose the file format of your choice
  5. Step 5– Hit the "Browse" tab to select a local folder to save data and press Convert
It is a lightweight application to install. It doesn't occupy space on your hard drive. It downloads quickly.
No, it is a lightweight program. It doesn't modify the system function and slow it down. It is a safe tool to install.
The app has passed the data security parameters several times. It exports PST to the required file format without losing structure. You can consider it for businesses.
No, it doesn't create a Gmail account or any cloud mail account. You must have a Gmail account to export PST to Gmail.
The demo version helps decide whether you need this application. It prevents you from the product return issue. Therefore, we suggest to use the app.
Yes, the licensed version of this solution is the exact copy of the demo version. The only difference is that the demo version offers limited conversion for limited duration and the licensed version can work as long as you desire.
No, it is an independent conversion app that exports PST files to the desired file format without Outlook installation.

Software Specifications

System Requirement

ProcessorAny Pentium Class

Operating SystemWindows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Other

Memory512 MB Minimum

Hard Disk100 MB of free space for software installation

Software Delivery

ElectronicVia Email


Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

Support OptionEmails, Chat & Skype

Customer Reviews

What Our Customer Says


Eve Hearn


  This application has solved the requirements of conversion of Outlook data to multiple formats. It has met the migration requirements successfully.  

Olliver Björk


   At first, I didn't believe that this Softaken tool offers Outlook conversion to almost all platforms. After examining the demo trial I discovered its impeccable performance.   

Jessica Daecher


   Recently I have requirements of MS Outlook to Thunderbird conversion to manage work from both office and home. I did it because of this application's incredible support. Thank you for providing the loyal support.   

Guido Calabrese


   I contacted a technician for conversion of PST to MBOX. However, I selected your app because it was an affordable alternative. I saved my hard earned money.