Circumstances to use Softaken Email Address Extractor

01. Main Features

Features of Softaken Email Address Extractor

With this advanced toolkit, one can separate email addresses from different local file extensions such as PST, OST, MBOX, EML, etc. The software securely draws out email addresses without misplacing any information.

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Extract Email addresses from Outlook files

This utility allows instant extraction of email addresses from Outlook PST, OST, and MSG files. It can smoothly work with all sizes of Outlook files to extract email addresses and won't create any trouble throughout the process.

Easily pull out email addresses

Using this professional tool, one can easily pull out email addresses without getting technical expertise. Operating this software is too simple for every user. Only basic computer skills are enough to use this program.

Show Preview

Users can preview the content of added files before exporting email addresses. In a structured manner, the email folders are presented on the screen by the tool. After that, users can export the required email addresses.

Extract Email addresses from MBOX files

The software can be used to extract email addresses from MBOX files. By adding any large MBOX file, the app can export email addresses locally. There is no need for Thunderbird or another app to work on this software.

Extract Email addresses from EML/EMLX

By using this utility, users can extract email addresses from EML, and EMLX data files. Unlimited data files of various sizes can be added for extracting email addresses with this app without facing any data loss.

Export Email addresses locally at the desired path

This app allows saving the extracted email addresses locally. Users can easily specify any destination path of their system for saving the email addresses. Based on from, to, cc, and sender email, email addresses are pulled out by the tool.

Free Email Address Extractor for evaluation

You will get a freeware option to check the software's capabilities. Simply download the free demo edition on your Windows system and ensure that whether the software is fit for you or not by extracting the first 10 email addresses per folder.

Filter to export email addresses

You can use this app to export email addresses from desired email folders. Instead of extracting email addresses from all folders, users can pick the desired email folder to extract email addresses. This will get rid of unwanted email addresses.

Great compatibility

This app has great compatibility with Outlook and Windows. It supports new as well as old versions of Microsoft Outlook like 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, etc. Also, this tool can run smoothly on Win 11, 10, & older versions.

02. Other Features

Other Helpful Features of Softaken Email Address Extractor

Support Outlook OST, PST, and MSG files

You can use this app to extract email addresses from OST, PST, and MSG files of Outlook.

Support for MBOX data files

From MBOX data files, the app can separate email addresses without any hassle.

Support for EMLX and EML files

It can separate email addresses from Apple Mail EMLX and WLM EML files.

Support Batch Operation

The app supports browsing multiple files simultaneously to extract email addresses.

03. How it works

How does the software function to extract email addresses?

With this professional tool, you will find a simple procedure to extract email addresses from different data files. It securely separates email addresses without any data harm. Moreover, users can follow the steps without getting any technical knowledge.


Step 1

Install and open the downloaded program to extract email addresses.

Step 2

Now, select the desired data files from which you need to separate email addresses.

Step 3

Preview the data of the selected file.

Step 4

Select the desired file format to save extracted email addresses.

Step 5

Use the ‘Browse’ option and set a path to export email addresses. Press the ‘Extract Now’ button.

05. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the software extract PST email addresses?

Go through the below discussed steps to export email addresses

  1. Install and Open Softaken Email Address Extractor.
  2. Browse Outlook PST files.
  3. Now, choose the properties to extract email addresses.
  4. Set the destination path to save the resultant file.
  5. Hit the 'Process Now' button to save the extracted email addresses.

Does the software work on multiple data files at a time?

Yes, the software can easily add multiple data files at once to extract email addresses.

Does the software support the latest MS Outlook 2021 edition?

Yes, the program can work comfortably on the new Outlook 2021, and lower versions.

Will the program be installed on Windows 10?

Yes, you can freely install the tool on Windows 10 & below editions.

Can I use this app to extract MBOX email addresses?

Yes, the software can quickly extract email addresses from MBOX, EML, and EMLX files.

Can I test the app before investing in it?

Yes, by downloading the free demo version, you can check it by extracting the 10 email addresses from each folder.

Do I require technical expertise to operate the software?

No, it is not necessary for users to have technical knowledge to operate this program.

Can I use this tool to extract email addresses from OST files?

Yes, the software can be used to extract email addresses from OST files easily.

Will this app levy file size limitations?

No, this software is completely free from file size barriers. It means it smoothly considers any heavy file.

Does the software offer a filter to extract email addresses?

Yes, the tool comes with a filter option by which you can extract email addresses based on selected properties.

06. Testimonials

Client Testimonials

The software helped me to save all email addresses from Outlook PST and OST files. It worked amazingly and without losing any data items. So, a big thank you to team Softaken.

Marc PapanIcola


I tried a lot of methods to extract email addresses from MBOX files. But no one worked perfectly as this software did. It intelligently extracted all email addresses from MBOX files within a few minutes.

Gordy Pan


I am completely happy with this software. Using it, I have exported email addresses from several MBOX as well as EML files. I must say this is an all-rounder solution that one must try.

Kimberley Williams

United States


Manual Method to Extract Email Addresses

Here, we are discussing a manual method to extract email addresses from Outlook emails:

  • Open MS Outlook and navigate to the ‘File’ tab.
  • Now, choose the ‘Open & Export’ option from the drop-down menu.
  • From the options, press the Import/Export option.
  • From the Import & Export wizard, choose the option ‘Export to a file’. Now, press the ‘Next’ button.
  • From the Export to a file wizard, choose the ‘Comma Separated Values’ option.
  • From the different folders, choose the desired folder and hit the ‘Next’ button.
  • Press the ‘Browse’ button to provide a name for the output file.
  • Go to the ‘Map Custom Fields’ tab that shows all fields in that folder.
  • To extract only email addresses, hit on the ‘Clear Map’ option and drag attributes from left to right.
  • Finally, hit OK and then the Finish button.
  • Now, open the Excel sheet and fix duplicates.

For extracting email addresses from other files like MBOX, EML, and EMLX. You can check online tools.