Reasons to opt for Softaken Word Recovery Tool

01. Main Features

Detailed features of Softaken Word Recovery Tool

An automated program to recover Word file documents

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Fix and Repair Corrupt Doc files

This Doc File Recovery Tool enables users to repair corrupt MS Word files. It can recover a highly corrupt Word file irrespective of the reason for its corruption. This advanced program retrieves all data from corrupt Word documents and saves the data into the decided location of users.

Scan, analyze & preview the Word file

This program speedily recovers word files in three steps – scan, analyze and preview. The software first scans the added Word file, analyzes the file, and displays a preview of Word file data items. Thereafter, users can save the complete recovered data from a corrupt Word file.

Recover multiple Word files at a time

The software comes with dual modes - Add file or Add folder. With the help of Add Folder option, users can add a Word folder and the software recovers all word files present in the folder in a single attempt. The users have to simply load the folder containing multiple Word files.

Take care of Data Integrity

While performing recovery of Word files, the software maintains the integrity of data. Not a single character is lost or changed during the Doc file repair process. In a secure environment, the software recovers word files that are not healthy i.e., corrupt & damaged.

Harmless and secure tool

This is a non-destructive program thus it works in a safe mode. It will not conflict with other applications while repairing corrupt word files. Without any modification to the original files, the software immediately provides with you the data recovered from damaged MS Word files.

No MS Office Installation

This smart solution has no demand for installing MS Office Suite in the system to repair Doc files. You can directly install and start working with this program even in the absence of MS Word. Only you need to upload the corrupt Doc files and the software executes the recovery task.

Full Support and Compatibility

This MS Word Doc Recovery Utility well supports corrupt document files of all major editions of MS Word such as MS Word 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc. In addition to this, this utility efficiently runs on all the latest & prior versions of Windows operating systems such as 11, 10, 8.1, 8, etc.

Retain Formatting of Word file

There will be no harm to the formatting of word files like size, italic, bold, hyperlinks, fonts, etc. The software will not make any changes to the original Word file data items. It only fixes the corruption of a Word file no matter what is its size. This utility smoothly handles every big-size word file.

Save recovered data in a new Doc file

Once the steps for word file repair have been completed, the software asks users to set a path of their choice for saving the recovered data in a new doc file. Users can set any location of their Windows system to save the recovered data in a new file.

02. Other Features

Other Helpful Features of MS Word Recovery Tool

Support Batch Word File Repair

This app can support batch Word document repair at once.

Support MS Word DOC & DOCX files

This app repairs both DOC and DOCX files of MS Word.

Support data recovery from temp files

This tool supports MS Word document recovery from temp files.

Support Windows & Mac generated Word files

Both Windows and Mac generated Word file recovery are possible with this app.

03. How it works

How does the software work to repair corrupt Word Documents?

Using this smart automated solution, repairing corrupt Word files becomes too simple for all. Here are the step-wise instructions that you have to follow:


Step 1

Install and launch the Softaken Word Recovery program.

Step 2

Add the corrupt or damaged Word files.

Step 3

Preview the data of the recovered Word file.

Step 4

Set a path of your choice to save the repaired Word file.

Step 5

Hit the ‘Start Repair’ button to commence the process of repairing Word Doc/Docx files.

05. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix the corrupted word document using Softaken Microsoft Word File Recovery Tool?

Only 5 simple steps are there for Word document recovery with this program:

  1. Download and Start this Word Data file Recovery Tool.
  2. Add the Doc files that you want to recover.
  3. After scanning, check the recovered word file on your screen.
  4. Now, set the required path for saving the recovered word file.
  5. Hit the Save button and within a few minutes, get the message of completion on the software screen.

How many word files will this software repair at a time?

You can select multiple word files and recover them easily in a single round.

Can I recover the word document without MS Office installation on the machine?

Yes, this software is successful to work independently even without installing MS Office. But, to preview the file, Office installation is compulsory.

What is the main difference between the free and paid version of the software?

The Free DOCX Recovery Tool has all the functionalities except saving the repair doc file. With the free demo edition, users can preview the recovered file. But to save the recovered data file, you need to purchase the full version.

Will this MS DOC File Recovery Tool be compatible with MS Word 2019?

Yes, the software is compatible with doc files of MS Word 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and below versions.

Can I recover a word file with images, pictures, and videos in it with this tool?

Yes, with our software, you can easily recover word files with pictures and videos.

Does the software repair any large Word files?

Yes, this utility efficiently repairs any heavy Word document files.

Will this app run on my new Windows 11 laptop?

Yes, this DOC Repair Tool can fix Word file damage on Windows 11, 10, and lower versions.

Will this app retain data integrity while repairing DOC files?

Yes, the tool entirely retains data integrity during the repair process of Word documents.

Does the tool repair DOC files generated by Mac and Windows?

Yes, this app can easily repair Word files generated by Windows and Mac.

06. Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I tried this product a week ago and I got awesome results with it. This tool smoothly repaired my multiple DOC files which were corrupt and I was unable to open them. But now, I can easily open them. Thanks all to Softaken for this software.

nail aygün


When I lost hope to get my data back from damaged Word files, it was your tool that worked fantastically. Since that day, I have highly suggested this DOC File Repair Tool to all needful users.

Ruhan Scholtz

South Africa

Using this smart solution, I have recovered all my data from corrupt DOC files. This utility took only a few minutes to accomplish the DOCX file repair process which highly attracted me.

BENTAL s.r.o.



How to manually repair damaged or corrupt Word files?

In case you find an error while opening Word files, then chances are there that the file is damaged or corrupt. Here, we will know the free solution to repair corrupt & damaged Word files.

Using the inbuilt Open and Repair option in Word, it is easy to repair Word files. Here is the entire process:

  • Open Word and choose Open.
  • Select the damaged Word file to repair.
  • Choose the down arrow next to Open.
  • Choose the Open and Repair option.

This will take some time to perform the repair.

Note:This method will only fix minor corruption and damages from Word documents.