Why opt for Softaken PDF Recovery Software?

01. Main Features

Important Features of PDF Repair Tool

Know PDF File Recovery Software features in detail

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Repair corrupt Adobe PDF file

This utility fixes corrupted PDF files that are damaged due to many reasons. Irrespective of the reason, the software restores complete content with images from the damaged PDF files and provides an option to save the repaired file. It smartly handles minor & major corrupted PDF files.

Fix PDF Corruption Errors

This PDF File Recovery Program is capable of dealing with all kinds of errors that arise due to damaged PDF files. A few errors like PDF corruption during download, virus attack caused PDF corruption, PDF hanging while printing, PDF files can’t be opened, etc. can be resolved by this application.

Maintain 100% data accuracy

Softaken PDF File Repair Software recovers your important data from corrupt/damaged PDF files by maintaining complete data accuracy. At the time of data extraction, it takes care of all elements. It won’t make any changes to the database inside the PDF file during its repair process.

Extract all components of the PDF

You can restore all types of components from PDF files such as object forms, images, graphics, hyperlinks, etc. after recovery of PDF files. Users can easily extract all types of PDF components using this efficient solution without harm to the original file.

Save recovered data in a new PDF file

The software provides users with an option to set any location for saving the recovered data. It allows saving the recovered data from corrupt PDF files in a healthy PDF file that is fully free from corruption. After the data extraction, users can open a new PDF file in the Adobe Reader application.

Properly scan & preview PDF data

The first step after adding a PDF file is to scan it. Thereafter, you can preview the complete recovered data on the software panel. At last, users can save the repaired PDF file data. Throughout the process, users won’t face any difficulty.

Support Windows OS all editions

The PDF Document Recovery Tool runs comfortably on Windows versions ranging from Windows 98 to the latest Windows 11. It is possible to operate this flawless application on any version of Windows OS such as 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and older ones.

Free Examination before purchase

You have got the facility to freely examine the software before you pay for it. Simply download free PDF Recovery Software from the page and it allows you to recover the damaged PDF file. Only one limitation is there with the freeware option i.e. you can only preview the recovered data & can’t save it.

Support all PDF file versions

The best part is it has not mentioned anywhere about Adobe Reader is installed on the computer while you are using this software. This means it is powerful enough to recover PDF data files without Adobe Reader. But it well supports all versions of PDF files.

02. Other Features

Other Helpful Features of PDF Recovery Tool

Support PDF file repair from corrupted media

You can use this app to repair PDF files from corrupted media like Zip disks, CDROMs, floppy disks, etc.

Support multiple PDF file recovery at a time

This app supports loading multiple corrupted PDF files at once to repair.

Support for all versions of Adobe Acrobat

This utility can recover PDF files created in all editions of Adobe Acrobat.

Support any heavy PDF file recovery

Any heavy-size PDF file can be conveniently recovered by this program.

03. How it works

How does the tool repair damaged PDF files?

Check out the simple process of repairing damaged PDF documents using the Softaken PDF Recovery Tool. This utility smoothly repairs any damaged and corrupted PDF files in batches without bearing any kind of data loss.


Step 1

Install and run the program to recover damaged/corrupted PDF files.

Step 2

Add the corrupt or damaged PDF file for repair.

Step 3

Have an instant preview of the recovered PDF files.

Step 4

Mention any destination to save the recovered files.

Step 5

Press the ‘Start Repair’ option to commence repairing the added PDF files.

05. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Explain the step-by-step procedure to repair damaged PDFs with this application?

The steps are given below which users need to follow to recover Adobe PDF files:

  1. Install and Open the PDF Recovery Software.
  2. PDF file is now scanned properly.
  3. Preview the recovered PDF file.
  4. Save the PDF file.

Will this app extract text & images from PDF files?

Yes, one can easily extract & recover images and texts from PDF files with this application.

Is this software compatible with the new version of PDF format?

Yes, PDF Data File Repair Tool is compatible with all the latest versions of PDF files.

Do I need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on my system to restore PDF files?

No, for recovering PDF files Adobe Acrobat is not compulsory to be present on the machine.

Is this PDF Repair Utility available to download for free?

Yes, developers have provided a free version of this software. You can download the setup of this free trial and check its complete working before purchasing it online.

What are the versions of PDF supported by this utility?

This application operates on all PDF file versions.

I have many corrupt PDF files. Can I recover them all at a time using this app?

Yes, the software supports the recovery of multiple PDF files at once.

Where can I save the repaired PDF file?

The software allows users to specify any location of their computer to save the recovered PDF files.

Is this tool safe to use to restore PDF file data?

Yes, this app is completely safe to restore data from corrupt PDF files without any hassle.

How long will this app take to repair a corrupt PDF file?

The time to repair a corrupt PDF file depends on the size and number of elements in the file.

06. Testimonials

Client Testimonials

This tool completely relaxed me by repairing my damaged PDF files. I can’t explain in words how glad I am after having this marvelous tool. Really Thanks to the whole staff of Softaken.

Karin Macholdt

United States

I didn’t expect that I could get all elements from my damaged PDF files but your app proved it. My high suggestions to all users for this outstanding PDF Repair Tool.

Johan Stegmann

South Africa

With this app, I have restored data from multiple PDF files in one go. The best thing was it took very little time. I am completely satisfied with the working performance of this software.

Jack van den Berg



Manual Process to Repair Damaged and Corrupted PDF Documents

By using Adobe Reader, one can simply repair corrupted PDF files without any hassle. However, not everyone can afford the Adobe Reader application. Let us figure out the whole process to repair corrupt PDF files.

  • Launch the Adobe Reader application. Go to Help and then for ‘Repair Adobe Reader installation.’
  • You may also uninstall and then re-install Adobe Reader to perform PDF file repair.

Apart from this, you can restore corrupt PDF files from the previous version. But for this, you need to have a backup of your PDF files.

  • Right-click on the PDF file in Windows Explorer – Properties – Previous versions.
  • You will see a list of all old versions of PDF files. Click on Open and then check out the version that you need – Hit Restore when you get the correct version.