How to Import EML and EMLX into Gmail using MAC

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EML file ends with the extension .eml. These files are created by email clients like Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Zoho Mail, Outlook Express, etc. For the Mac OS email application, the email client is Apple mail, and it creates the EMLX file.

It is possible to export EML and EMLX file from one system to another by using an external device, such as the pen drive. And if there is a need of opening the EML or EMLX file in an email client supporting the same file format, it can be done by the drag and drop method. Just drag the EML and EMLX file and drop them in the email clients supporting the same file format.

But when it comes to exporting EML or EMLX files to web-based email applications like Gmail, the EML file has to be imported. It is because Gmail does not support EML and EMLX file formats.

Also, there is no direct way present to import EML and EMLX files to Gmail. The need to take the help of third-party software arises in this case.

Various Email Client That Support EML and EMLX File Format

  • Outlook Express
  • Windows Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Zimbra
  • Zoho Mail
  • Apple Mail uses the EMLX file extension
  • The bat

The easiest way to export EML or EMLX files to any web-based email application is by configuring the Gmail account in the email client that supports EML and EMLX file format. But how about there is a need of importing EML and EMLX files to Gmail.

You can do that with the help of third-party software. One of the software that can help you do this job is EML to Gmail Importer for Mac OS. It is a kind of software that helps in the smooth import of EMLX files to the Gmail account. The software comes with the most advanced features that not only make the import process hassle-free but also help you in exporting selective data to the Gmail account without troubling the person handling the operation.

The software is easy to use and smoothly run on Mac devices. It has been exclusively designed for Mac OS. Here are the following tasks, the software can do.

  • Import entire data of EML and EMLX files to Gmail account.
  • Helps in selective migration of EML and EMLX file data to Gmail account.
  • The software ensures speedy and accurate migration of data.
  • It does not alter the format of the EML and EMLX file.
  • Keep the data integrity of the EML and EMLX file intact.
  • Easy to use software, no need for technical assistance.
  • Import EML and EMLX file data to Gmail on Mac OSX 10.15, 10.13 and 10.14.

Why The Need For EML and EMLX Import to Gmail Arise

Gmail is a popular web-based email client having millions of users all over the world. The email clients that use EML or EMLX file format are also credible email platforms but their accessibility on various devices is not as smooth as the web-based email client and that to Gmail.

Because Gmail is a web-based email application, it is easy to access it anywhere and anytime. All that you need to access your Gmail account is the internet connectivity and login details of the email client.

Furthermore, it is possible to send emails on Gmail to everyone because most people own a Gmail account, even those who use email clients like Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.

The other condition in which a person would go for importing EML and EMLX file data to a Gmail account is, he has an orphanage EML or EMLX file and no supporting mail client to access it. By importing EML and EMLX files to Gmail, he can open and read its email.

Step By Step Guide To Import EML and EMLX File to Gmail With Gmail Importer For Mac OS

The software has a simple interface and GUI which makes the experience of data import from EML and EMLX file to Gmail hassle-free and error-free. Check the step by step guide for the same.

  • Step One:Download the software on any Mac device and install it reading all the instructions carefully.
  • A Window will open asking for a few details. Enter the same to start the import process.

Import EML into Gmail for MAC

  • Enter Gmail Login Credential - Enter the username and password of the Gmail account in which you want to transfer EML and EMLX file data. Click on the option ‘Authenticate User’ after entering the details.
  • Once the software establishes connectivity with the Gmail account, a message will pop up ‘Successfully Authenticated’.

Enter Gmail Credential

  • Upload EML or EMLX File:Use the browse button present on the same window to upload EML and EMLX files. Two options are present for the same. You can use any of them.
  • File Mode - You can use this mode to upload desired EML file.
  • Directory Mode -This option is for uploading the folder having multiple EML and EMLX files in a single attempt.
  • Check the section ‘Clear Screening of loaded EML files’
  • The option will provide you with a clear screening of EML files you have uploaded to the software. It also provides you with the facility to check the number of EML files you have uploaded to the tool.

EML to Gmail Importer

  • Step Two: Choose A Location To Save The Imported File - The option gives you the option to select a place where you are going to save the imported file. The place to save the file could be any, inbox, draft, etc.
  • However, if you wish to create a new folder within the Gmail account to save imported data, you can do this as well. The software is embedded with the option.

Save Location

  • Step Three:click on the option ‘Start Uploading’ to begin the process. The process of data import will start soon after.

The software is for MAC OS operating system and has a simple installation process. You can check its demo version to get more knowledge about it.