How to Backup Deleted Emails from Yahoo Mail?

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How Can I Get Back Deleted Email from Yahoo Mail

Are you willing to know how to get back the deleted email from Yahoo Mail? Are you worried because the email retention period of Yahoo is over? The questions you have raised here are not only yours; many like you face it on the daily basis. Here are few examples for you.

First Example: 'I have both personal and business emails in my Yahoo Mail account. Due to this, my Yahoo Inbox is always cluttered. A few days back, I was deleting unimportant emails, but in the process of deletion, I lost some business-related crucial emails. I suppose I have deleted those emails too from Inbox. Now, how can I get back Yahoo Mail deleted email?'

Second Example: 'While checking the Yahoo Inbox, I noticed that some of the old but significant emails are not there anymore. I am clueless about how it but I am sure; I did not delete those emails as those emails are important to me. After discussing the matter with my friends, I found out that mistakenly those emails got deleted while deleting the spam emails. Later, I followed the suggestion of my friend and checked the Trash also but all efforts went vain. Can anyone suggest to me how can I get back deleted email from Yahoo Mail?"

Like the examples given above, many Yahoo users face the trouble of deleted emails. We know that emails especially business emails are absolutely important. Yahoo mail is free and carries large storage space. People tend to delete some of the emails to have space for other new emails. The main issue arises when someone feels urgent to get back deleted emails in Yahoo Mail.

The blog will discuss how to get back Yahoo Mail deleted emails. Know all the techniques of retrieving deleted Yahoo emails.

Know the Types of Deleted Emails in Yahoo Mail:

Similarly, to other email applications, emails in Yahoo Mail can be soft-deleted and permanently (hard) deleted. The soft-deleted email moved to Trash Folder and all the emails in the Trash folder are available for retrieval for a week only. However, permanently deleted emails that are not stored in the Trash folder and users can Restore those emails from Yahoo.

How to Get Back Deleted Email from Yahoo Mail: Solutions Suggested

As already discussed, there are two types of deleted emails, now is the right time to know how to get deleted emails back from Yahoo Mail.

How to Get Back Temporarily Deleted Yahoo Emails?

If the data is temporarily deleted then you can find emails in Deleted Items/Trash Folder within 7 days. To fetch those emails, follow the below-given steps:

  • First, open Yahoo Mail and choose Deleted Items Folder.
  • After you open the folders, locate the emails which you want to get back.
  • Choose the emails and click on the Move button.
  • After this, choose the folder where you want to move the deleted emails, for example, you may select the Inbox folder.
  • Now, check the Inbox or any other folder where you have moved the emails.
  • You will find the emails there.

How to Get Back Permanently Deleted Emails From Yahoo Mail?

In the situation, where you are unable to find the deleted email in Deleted Items Folder, contact the Yahoo team and ask for the recovery of deleted emails. If data deleted in the last 7 days, retrieval is a possibility. However, there is no guarantee for the recovery of the emails on request.

Another scenario, when people want to get back their permanently deleted data or when they permanently deactivate or delete their Yahoo Mail account. After the deletion of the Yahoo account, users get 30 days to revoke their decision. Countries like India and New Zealand get 90 days and Brazil, Hong Kong, and China get180 days. There are chances for you to get back the permanently deleted emails along with the deleted Yahoo account if you contact Yahoo for account retrieval.

How Can I Back Deleted Email from Yahoo Mail Using Topnotch Solution

As you have seen that it is not easy to retrieve permanently deleted Yahoo emails. So, as a precautionary action, look for some backup tool to secure your emails from an undesirable situation. Here is Softaken Yahoo Backup Software. This application helps you to backup Yahoo emails on your local system/hard drive in several file formats. Therefore, even if you do not have Yahoo accounts, no need to worry.

You can backup Yahoo Mail and protect your emails from accidental deletion:

  • First, install Softaken Yahoo Backup Software on your computer and launch it.
  • Click 'Authenticate your Yahoo Account'
  • Enter Yahoo Account Username and password. Click for Connection
  • Choose the Yahoo folder
  • You will find many file formats PST, HTML, MBOX, etc. Select any format
  • Click on the Browse button and select your file destination to save the file
  • Click the Process button to begin the process

The Final Words:

Yahoo Mail users usually get into the need to retrieve their deleted emails but the task to retrieve permanently deleted emails is not easy. Through this blog, we have provided the answer to the query of how I can get back deleted email from Yahoo Mail. We have recommended numerous solutions considering the need of users. One may select the solution based on their choice and demand of the situation. As a piece of advice, Yahoo Backup Tool is useful software for smooth recovery of Yahoo deleted emails