What is Difference Between OST & PST?

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Know The Difference Between OST File and PST And How To Convert It

Like many Outlook users if you also want to know the difference between OST and PST file, then you have landed on the right page to seek information. Here, we are going to share complete details on the difference between these two files.

First of all, it is important to know that both OST and PST are the crucial files of Outlook and have a pertinent role to play in making Outlook email data managed and accessible. So, before we share details with you what is OST and PST file, let’s check what is Outlook.

What Is Outlook and Why It Is A Popular Email Application?

The MS Outlook is a popular email application. It is the part of Microsoft Office suite. It facilitates Outlook users to manage emails, calendar, contact, task, journal, and notes and other data. It can be used as a stand-alone application to exchange emails and other details, however, if someone wants to use this application as a full-fledged email client, then Exchange Server along with Microsoft SharePoint Server is required. MS Outlook has a large number of users all over the world.

The reason behind its increased popularity is its simple user-interface, safety and privacy policy, the credibility of Microsoft and its features. The email application gives its users many conveniences. And therefore, people using other email clients, after a time switch to Outlook.

What Is PST File, What Is Its Significance In Outlook?

The MS Outlook is a desktop-based email client and it saves all its data in PST file format. The full form of PST is the Personal Storage Table. Outlook saves a copy of data on the configured device. The PST is an open file format. When a user creates an Outlook account, a default PST file gets created. So, PST comes with the Outlook account default. The file also allows user to secure its access with a password.

In simple language, PST is the local file of Outlook.

What Is OST File What Is Its Significance In Outlook?

Opposite to PST which is an online file, OST is an offline file. It stores an offline copy of Outlook data present on the server. The importance of the OST file is that it allows users to work in the absence of server connection as well. The OST file allows you to work on emails, edit data, save messages in the draft, etc. It doesn’t allow you to send mail. Other than that, a user can do anything in OST file. When you are working in the absence of server, Outlook creates a copy of mailbox and store it on the device.

What Are The Difference Between PST and OST?

The MS Outlook and server creates an offline folder called OST to store copies of data offline. On the other hand, users of Outlook or Exchange Server creates the PST to store emails, calendar entries, contacts and other folders. PST files are more user friendly for backup as it is easy to store and transferable. The other difference between PST and OST file is

  • It is possible to work on the OST file, even in the absence of Exchange Server connection (when Offline). When it resumes the connection, it automatically synchronizes itself with the mailboxes of exchange server, while with PST, it is not possible to do it. Users have to manually upload the file in the Outlook using the import and export option.
  • The OST is a Microsoft Exchange Server file and compatible with the same, exclusively. On the other hand, PST is an Outlook compatible file but compatible with other email clients as well.
  • To fix minor problems in PST, Scanpst.exe is used. To repair OST Scanost.exe is used. Both are built-in tools of Outlook.

What To Do When There is a Need of OST file to PST Conversion

The OST file can be used as the PST backup file as well. So, suppose if there is a server crash, error in Outlook, there is need of PST exchange or any other requirement, then OST migration for PST is needed. The other situations in which conversion is required are

  • Data migration becomes easier when OST is converted to PST format.
  • If some emails have been deleted from PST accidentally, then the user can retrieve it by converting OST file to PST.
  • If PST gets oversized and data becomes inaccessible, users can retrieve data from the OST file by converting it.

Other than this, there are many other situations present in which a user would want to convert OST file to PST. However, the conversion of OST file to PST is not easy. Without technical knowledge, it is neither easy nor safe to convert the file format.

Convert OST File To PST Format Using Third-Party Software

The easiest way of converting OST file to PST is taking the help of third-party software. The Softaken PST file exporter is a software that facilitates users to convert OST file to PST format without issue. This proficient software makes OST to PST conversionseem less and less time-taking. The interesting features of the software are

  • Allow users to convert OST file to PST, MSG, EML, EMLX and MBOX.
  • Export messages file to HTML/HTM and MHTML format.
  • Saves calendar to ICS format
  • Compatible with all Windows and Outlook versions.
  • Can ignore empty folders.
  • Allow users to save the converted file at the desired location.
  • While installation, it supports multiple languages.
  • It does not change the data structure. The format of data remains unchanged.
  • Allow selective data conversion.

Download the free version of the software to check its features and functionality. The demo version will allow you to save only 10 emails to the other format.