How to Export MS Outlook to Windows Live Mail

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Key to export MS Outlook to Windows Live Mail – Best explained

Emails play a significant role in our daily life and email conversion is required many times by users when they are switching from one email client to another. Outlook is considered to be one of the most popular and easiest email clients but due to several errors delivered by Outlook, most of the users are moving towards Windows Live Mail. People have various other reasons also behind this migration. We are here expressing the reasons and ways to migrate MS Outlook data to Windows Live Mail (WLM). Before we directly move to the disclose the methods to migrate the database from Outlook to Windows Live Mail, let us make all users aware about these clients and importance of Windows Live Mail.

Basic Introduction

MS Outlook is a personal information manager and is used whole across the world in large numbers. Basically, it is a part of MS Office Suite. When users purchase MS Office Suite, Outlook is by default available in it.

Windows Live Mail is email client for Windows users available free of cost provided by Microsoft and offers various features like it automatically synchronize with Windows Live Mail contacts, offers multi-line message list, support emoticons, and spell check.

Why we import MS Outlook to WLM?

There are numerous reasons responsible to convert MS Outlook data to Windows Live Mail but the most specific reason is when users switch their job. This demands the migration of one client data to another email client.

Moreover, the file format used by Windows Live Mail i.e. EML is well-supported by a large number of email applications of Mac and Windows OS. Now it's time to move towards the solution to export Outlook to Windows Live Mail.

Method to convert MS Outlook Mail folder to Windows Live Mail

There is no direct way available by which you can migrate Outlook data to WLM client. However, you can find a free method to perform the export of Outlook to WLM. Let's us find the step by step procedure given below –

Export Outlook to WLM using Thunderbird

Users can transfer Outlook Mail folder to Windows Live Mail using Thunderbird application, which can be downloaded free of cost from the official website of Mozilla foundation. Once you got Thunderbird installed on your system, you need to follow the given steps –

  • Open Thunderbird email client
  • Click on Tools menu and select Import
Open Tool Menu
  • Choose Import Everything and click on Next
Import Everything
  • In the next Import window, choose Outlook and hit the Next button.
Choose Outlook
  • Now, wait for the process to complete
  • Select Outlook emails and click on Save as option
Select Outlook Emails
  • Select the folder to save the export file
Select folder to save
  • You will find your emails saved with .eml extension.

Now, you need to import those emails to Windows Live Mail application. For these, given below are the steps –

  • Launch Windows Live Mail in your system
  • Go to File menu, choose Import messages and then Windows Live Mail option
  • Click Browse to see emails and click Next
  • Now, choose folders to import and hit the Next button
  • The folders will start exporting
  • Finally, hit the Finish button.

If the manual solution won't work, what's next?

Several times, manual solutions won't work for users and they may have their own reasons like – if you are a non-technical user, you will find the manual technique tough. Plus, more attention is required to implement the method. More time is consumed by the process to perform the migration.

In this situation, users can simply choose a third-party software. But before this, let us disclose an important information so that users will be able to choose the correct solution.

Outlook stores data in two formats –

  • OST (Offline Storage Table)
  • PST (Personal Storage Table)

In case, you have OST file of MS Outlook, you need to pick Softaken OST File Exporter and in case of PST file, pick Softaken Outlook to Windows Live Mail Converter. Both the tools are easy to use and provide effortless conversion taking a short time period. Plus, no technical expertise is required to export Outlook data to WLM client. Users can simply handle the application with its self-introductory interface. Both tools work with every version of Outlook. Only a few steps are there with these tools – Browse Outlook file, preview it, choose an export option, and provide an output directory to save the resultant file.

How to detect Windows Live Mail folder in Windows?

  • Open Windows Live Mail
  • Click File menu > Options > Select Mails
  • In the next window, choose Advanced option and select Maintenance option
Choose Advanced Option
  • Under Maintenance window, click on Store folder option
Click Store Folder
  • You can get Windows Live Mail storage location.
WLM Storage Location