How to Create PDF File from EPUB?

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Simple technique to Create PDF Doc from EPUB File without Adobe Reader

If you are searching for the solution of the query "How to create PDF file from EPUB file?" then you have landed to the perfect place. Here, we are discussing the solution to convert EPUB into PDF. Continue reading this post if you have the same query. We will provide you a quick solution before the post ends. But before this, let us know some common things about both the file formats.

What is EPUB file and why users want to convert EPUB file to PDF format?

EPUB is a well-known e-book file format that can be read easily on multiple devices like Sony e-Reader, Kindle, iPhone, etc. Users when required to read these books on their system, they face issues as there is no print option for the file in EPUB format. One other reason is if users want to open EPUB files on their system or on Android devices, it can't be possible. Therefore, users need to create PDF Docs from EPUB format in these cases. PDF which is a safe and portable document format by which users can present and exchange documents. By opening PDF files using Acrobat Reader, one can read, edit, and print PDF files easily.

Solution to convert multiple EPUB files into Adobe PDF format

There are multiple solutions exists over the internet that will help users to export EPUB files to Adobe PDF format. But here we are discussing an effective and easy solution for this conversion, an offline software to convert EPUB into PDF files named Softaken EPUB to PDF Converter.

Why choose the software for conversion of EPUB to Adobe PDF?

The first reason to choose this software is its easy and simplified interface that can be handled without possessing any technical expertise. Apart from it, the utility consists of several brilliant features that make the conversion effortless for users.

Let us take a quick look at the features of this software –

  1. The utility provides only 3-4 steps of easy conversion that can be handled very easily and the conversion can be carried out quickly.
  2. Multiple EPUB files get converted at a time by this application that helps to save a lot of time of users.
  3. Choose any EPUB e-book of your choice whom you want to convert into PDF format.
  4. Harmless conversion which means there will be no harm to any files. No data loss issues are faced by users.
  5. Easy dealing with any size EPUB files without any trouble.
  6. Maintain original file as it is without any alterations to the file.
  7. Independent tool works without help from any external program.
  8. Suitable with every Windows operating system – Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, & others.

Look at the detailed steps of the program

All your EPUB e-books are converted into PDF in few seconds with this application –

Step 1. Install and launch the application

First of all, download the software from our official website - Install and launch the software successfully on your Windows machine.

Step 2. Upload EPUB files to the program

Select File or Folder mode as per your needs and with the help of Browse button, add EPUB files to the software panel.

Step 3. Convert EPUB to Adobe PDF

Specify an output directory to save the exported PDF files and then hit the Generate Now button. This will start the conversion and takes only a few minutes.

Time to conclude

I hope with the above-discussed solution you will be able to convert EPUB files into Adobe PDF without any trouble either you are a technical or non-technical person as the utility suits all users. In case, you have any doubts regarding this tool, you can try the demo edition first and then move to the license edition. For any queries, you can get in touch with our support team which is available all the time.