How to Extract Images from Outlook OST & PST Emails

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A Step by Step Guide to Extract Images from Outlook Emails

Sometimes you receive emails holding images in your MS Outlook account. These images are embedded within the email body. Many of you want to extract these images to save locally so that they can quickly access. As per the version of Ms Outlook, there are some differences in steps to extract images. Let see these steps.

Extract images from Outlook 2007 or older versions:

In the older versions of MS Outlook, there is no way to save images. You may need to work on more than one option to find out the solution for it.

  • Open the targeted mail and copy and paste the image in a photo editing program such as Paint or Photoshop, now you can save the following image by "Save As" option from the file menu of the photo editor.
  • There one more option. Save your mail using the web Browser. For this, all you need to open the targeted email, choose Other Actions and then choose "View in Browser" option. As you click the option, the image of email will open on default web browser as an HTML webpage. Next right click on the following image to save it.

Extracting Images from Outlook 2010 or Later Versions

In the MS Outlook 2010 and other later versions, you can easily extract images if they attached as an attachment.

  • First open the email and click on attachment
  • Click on save as
  • The save attachment Windows will appear


  • After that select the suitable location and save the image.

In case your email holds multiple images then you can choose the option "Save All Attachments" to save the entire images locally.

One more Option to save the embedded images

  • Open the mail
  • Click on attachment and on the image body, right click and select Copy
  • Save the images at your choice location in the system by pasting it.

Save Whole Mails Holding Embedded Images

Here are some simple steps to save the email with all inline embedded image signature.

Choose the email you wish to save and then move the cursor to "File" menu, select Save As from the dropdown menu

Holding Embedded Images

  • The Save As window will pop-up
  • Choose HTML for Save As type and then click Save

In the selected location, a file with HTML Extension will save with one folder as you click on "Save"


It means the file is the email itself and all the images will be saved in that newly built folder.

These are safe methods to extract images from Outlook and save them locally. In case, there are several email messages holding images, you may face problem. At this point of time, taking help from a third app is a brilliant idea. Use Outlook Attachment Extractor which will allow you to extract entire images of Outlook.