How to Migrate Gmail to

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Descriptive Tutorial to Migrate Gmail to Application

Here the common topic of discussion is how to perform Gmail to migration? Gmail and both are the cloud-based applications. Both are free applications but have their own features and uses.

When users switch one email service and move to another like switching Gmail and choose To access Gmail account data in, the users need to convert Gmail data into account. Now let us talk in the session how this migration task can be performed easily and effortlessly?

How to export to from Gmail?

To migrate Gmail emails into, the users have two methods –

Method 1. Sync Gmail account to

Method 2. Download Gmail emails and transfer to

Both these methods will help users to view Gmail emails into account. Let us discuss both the methods one by one.

Method 1. Sync Gmail account to

Follow the given steps to connect Gmail account to –

  1. Login to your id and password.

login to

  1. Go to the gear icon

go to gear icon

  1. The, click on View all Outlook settings

view outlook setting

  1. Click on Mail and then select Sync emailAfter that select Gmail.

sync gmail

  1. In display name – enter your Gmail id and click OK.

enter gmail id

  1. This will redirect to the Gmail login page. Provide login details of your Gmail account.

provide login details

  1. Click on the Allow

click on allow

  1. Now, close this screen and refresh the main screen. You will find Gmail account is successfully synced with Here, you will find a separate folder of your Gmail account. All your Gmail emails are moved into

refresh the main screen

Sometimes, it has been found that users are unable to sync Gmail to as they get several problems with it. Therefore, we are suggesting a second method to all those users.

Method 2. Download Gmail emails and transfer to

This method is divided into two steps –

  • Download Gmail emails to PST
  • Configuring into Outlook

To download Gmail emails into PST format, we recommend you to use Gmail Backup Toolto save Gmail emails into PST format. The software supports complete or selected emails export from Gmail account.

After that, users need to configure in Outlook desktop application. For this follow the steps –

  • Open Outlook and click on Add account
  • Choose Manual setup or additional servertypes in the Account setup window
  • Select POP or IMAP
  • Enter Account Type – select IMAP
  • Set Incoming and Outgoing ServerProvide login details
  • Click OKand save your Account settings.

auto account setup

  • After that, drag your PST file to account and wait for the synchronization. Once the synchronization is completed, open your on your web browser.
  • You will find all your Gmail emails into account.

Bottom Lines

To migrate to from Gmail account, we have mentioned two methods in the above writeup. The users can choose any of them as per their requirements. No more technical knowledge is needed to perform the export process.