How to Import Office 365 to Apple Mail?

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Import Office 365 to Apple Mail – Whole guidance to access O365 data in Mac Mail

Importing Office 365 to Apple Mail is in trend nowadays as many users are facing issues to access their cloud database due to failed internet connection, virus/ransomware attacks, hardware/software failure, etc. If you want to import your emails of Office 365 to Mac Mail, then you can follow this post where we are disclosing the reasons and solutions to complete the import process.

Introduction and why need to import Office 365 emails to Apple Mail?

Office 365 is a web-based paid email service which includes complete package of MS Office Suite. Office 365 manages complete data of the user and also helps them to access their database anytime and anywhere. But it also has several demerits due to which users are moving to desktop-based email application. Apple Mail is one of the renowned desktop-based email applications for Mac users. It is available with every Mac OS. By moving O365 emails to Apple Mail, users can access O365 data in Mac Mail in offline mode.

There are plenty of reasons that give rise to import Office 365 to Mac Mail. Some of the major reasons are discussed below –

  • Many times, users suffered from hacking of their Office accounts by ransomwares and to get their valuable data, they had no choice except to pay huge amounts.
  • Due to lost internet connection, it is not possible for users to access their cloud data.
  • Voluntarily moving from cloud to Mac desktop needs users to export Office 365 emails to Mac Mail.

So, to avoid all these conditions, users prefer to save their cloud data to desktop-based clients. Saving data locally on the system will help users to recover their data in case of any disastrous situation.

Solution to import Office 365 emails to Apple Mail

Considering the problems faced by Office 365 users, they look for a solution to save their data locally on the system so that the cloud data can be easily accessed in Mac Mail. Softaken Office 365 to Apple Mail Importer Tool, which is a third-party solution quickly export Office 365 mailbox items completely or as per user desires. The utility exports the database with full accuracy and without disturbing the original database. Moreover, the program can be handled by all kind of users whether they are technical or non-technical.

The complete process is simple to follow and includes few steps –

  1. The initial step is to download, install, and launch the application on your Windows system. It hardly takes few minutes to install the application. Users can utilize this utility with any Windows OS.
  2. Once you run the application, the software asks you to enter Office 365 login details. After that, hit the Connect button.
  3. Once the software establishes connection with Office 365 account, you will get entire details of O365 account folders. Hit the Next button to proceed ahead.
  4. Make selection of a particular folder or all folders whom you want to export. Select EMLX in Export Options.
  5. Click on the Browse option and select a location to save the resultant files. To start the process, place your mouse pointer to Process Now option. This will start the process and takes few minutes.

Once the data of Office 365 account is exported locally to the system, you can simply import the files in Apple Mail.

Time to wrap up

The software is simple to use and provide accurate results by exporting Office 365 emails to Mac Mail. One can effortlessly manage the software without technical expertise. To completely check the application and its working capability, get a free demo of the application before you go ahead to purchase the license version.