How to Backup Gmail Emails for Thunderbird

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Configure Gmail to Thunderbird to Access Gmail Emails into Thunderbird Application

Sometimes, users need to switch cloud-based applications and move to desktop-based email client. There could be several reasons with the users to do this. Here, we are talking about switching Gmailand opting Thunderbird. Gmail is not totally safe and the account can be hacked by hackers or some unauthorized users. This is one of the main reasons among users to switch Gmail. In case of desktop-based clients, Thunderbird is one of the renowned email applications which is available freely. With Mozilla Thunderbird, users can access data even without an internet connectivity. Now the question arises, how to move old data of Google account into Thunderbird? To do this, we are going to elaborate two smooth solutions in this article.

The process to save Gmail emails into Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Google Takeout
  2. Automated solution
  1. Using Google Takeout

Google Takeout can be used to move Gmail emails into TBird. This process is divided into three steps.

  • Export Gmail emails
  • Set up Thunderbird
  • Import Gmail into Mozilla Thunderbird

Exporting Gmail emails

  1. Open any browser and login to your Gmail
  2. Open Google Takeoutin the new tab, you will find download your data
  3. Select Data to Includesection and select Mails
  4. After that, in File Typeoption, you need to select a formatin which you want to download the files. Select ZIP or TGZ.
  5. Now, in delivery methodoption, select Send download via email, add to drive, add to Dropbox, or add to OneDrive.
  6. After the desired option selection, click on Create Archive button.
  7. Finally, click on the Download buttonto download Gmail emails.

When you extract the zip folder, you will find Gmail files saved in MBOX format. Now, you need to move these files in Thunderbird.

Set up Thunderbird

If you already have an account in Thunderbird the you can simply move to the next step. But in case, your account is not configured, configure it and then import MBOX files in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Import Gmail MBOX into Thunderbird

To do this, first of all install ImportExportTools Add-onon your Thunderbird and then follow the steps –

  • Go to FileChoose ImportExportToolsadd and the select Import mailboxoption
  • Select MBOX files to importand upload MBOX files.
  • Click OK.
  • Wait for the process to import MBOX into TBird.
  1. Automated solution

This method is well-suited to non-technical users. This is the simple method therefore, most of the users choose the automated solution. Using Softaken Gmail Backup Tool, a user can simply save Gmail files into MBOXformat and later on access these files in Thunderbird.

Exporting Gmail data in MBOX format

  • Download and run the software on your system.
  • Add Gmail account login

add gmail account login

choose a folder

  • Choose a folderto export from Gmail account.
  • Select MBOX formatto save the files.
  • Specify a location to save the resultant files.
  • Hit the Convert Nowbutton and it will take few minutes to process the files. You will find MBOX files to the specified location.

process now

Steps to Import MBOX files into Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Open Thunderbirdapplication and install the ImportExportToolsadd-on.
  1. Go to Filemenu, select ImportExportToolsand select Import MBOX file.

select importexporttools

  1. Select the desired option to add files. Click
  1. Select MBOX files to upload and click

select mbox files to upload

Concluding Lines

Adding Gmail account or moving all data of Google Account into Thunderbirdbecomes more easier for users now. Here are both manual as well as automated solutions available for the users. They can choose any of the methods. However, if you want a safe and quick solution, go for the automated solution.