You are Now Authorized to Access that Database NSF File

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FIX You are Now Authorized to Access that Database NSF Error LN

NLotus Notes is the mailing platform of IBM. It stores email data and other file data in the NSF file format. The NSF file stands for Notes Storage Facility. Lotus Notes email store data like contacts, calendars, customized folders, etc. When this error message appears on your screen, it means that you are not authorized to access the email application. The basic functions like the opening of emails, edit mails, design change couldn't be performed.

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The Lotus Notes database file has a default feature of Access Control List (ACL). It is the ACL that controls all encryption and local securities into the file of the NSF database. The ACL is the one that maintains the local security of the Notes NSF file. This avoids any kind of unauthorized data usage, data piracy and also have all security checks.

The admin has the right to provide authentication for a particular file to the desired file for multiple users. The NSF file owners provide the privilege to other users of Lotus Notes to edit, open or delete NSF file. If the NSF file user doesn't have permission to access the file from NSF owner then the error 'You are not authorized to access that database' appears.

Thus, the issue occurs because of the lack of authorization. And you can fix the error by providing access to the file to the user. The alternate method to resolve this error is to remove local security from the NSF file.

The Other Possible Causes Of 'You Are Not Authorized To Access That Database' Error

  • You must have understood by now that the main reason for this error is the lack of authorization. The other cause of the error is:
  • The account of the user has been shifted to another Domino Server.
  • The account doesn't exist in Domino Directory.
  • The admin account doesn't have the access to open file.
  • The admin account has access to limited mailbox items due to the permission setting.

A Few Methods To Fix 'You Are Not Authorized To Access That Database'

You could remove security to fix this error. We all protect the database with a password and it is important but sometimes it creates a problem too. E.g. if there is a need for opening an NSF file in the absence of administrators, there would be an issue displayed in the following errors.

  • 'You are not authorized to access that database'
  • 'Not authorized to access Lotus Notes database'
  • 'You are not authorized to access Lotus Notes database'
  • 'You are not authorized to perform that operation'

Fix Lotus Notes Issue 'You are not authorized to access database error using the manual method.

The step by step guide for the same is here:

  • Ensure that account NSF account you are opening exists in the Domino server.
  • If you find that users have a Domino server different from the admin account, then follow these steps.
  • Create a fresh account on Domino Server where the user's account is present.
  • Enable all permissions that enable project manager access for file in the mailbox.
  • Start migrating mailbox item using Lotus Notes new admin account.
  • Make sure that the admin account has the correct access.
  • Confirm that the admin account could open the mail file.
  • Try to open the file directory to check if the error is coming. In that situation, provide Manager level access to admin account for mail file. Additionally, enable all permissions to fix the error 'you are not authorized to perform that operation

The Professional Software To Fix The Error

If you want to access NSF file database without using the manual method, then you can use third-party software for the same. If the administrator is not available, then you can use a third-party software. One of the software is Softaken NSF Local Security Remover. The software, remove local security from NSF file in a few clicks. Some features of the software are:

  • It fixes error messages and restriction related to access for account.
  • It removes NSF local security.
  • Doesn't change the properties of the email file.
  • Let users open and edit NSF file.
  • It is compatible with all versions of NSF.

Conclusion: The manual method and software method both are effective ways to fix the error. However, when it comes to fixing 'you are not authorized to perform that operation' error, then the software method is the most reliable one.