Guide to Setup a New Outlook Profile

MS Outlook is one of the common email clients that is capable to manage complete information of the user. A systematic management of the database is done by Outlook. Here is a complete guide to configure the profile for Outlook 2010.

Note:Make sure the server is running properly while you are setting a new Outlook profile.

  1. Take your cursor to the StartMenu and click on Control Panel followed byMail

Note: if you user of Windows 7, the view option is required to be set from Category,set it to large icons to properly viewMailoption.


Control panel view


Mail set up

A new window will pop-up, here press Addto setup your profile in Outlook

add mail

Now provide the name that you wish for your Outlook Profile and click "OK"

create new profile

A new window will pop-up and now provide some details as followed: Your Name, Email Address, Password & Retype Password again

After that click Next

add new account

Now wait for a while till the Ms Office Outlook 2010 finishes the configuration process

establish new account

As the process is successfully completed, you will get the following screen, finally click on "Finish" tab

Now your profile is all set to use for sending and receiving mails

It is so easy to setup your Outlook profile. Just follow the given steps. You don't need to take help from any technician for this.