How to migrate IMAP Email to Exchange Server

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Quick way to migrate IMAP Email to Exchange without any complexity

IMAP to Exchange migration has become a trend nowadays. A lot of users are moving to Microsoft email servers due to their reliability. Microsoft Exchange Server offers the best level of security to your important data in comparison to web-based applications. With the help of this blog, we are going to describe how to migrate IMAP to Exchange Server.

Various IMAP servers are available and for every server IMAP account, the migration process differs. Here, we have come up with a solution that can smoothly migrate IMAP Email to Exchange efficiently. IMAP Migration Toolis an automated solution for moving mailboxes from IMAP account to Exchange Server. Download the application to move IMAP mailboxes to Exchange.

How to migrate IMAP to Exchange Server?

There are multiple ways to perform IMAP migration to Exchange but here we have come up with a professional solution that directly migrates IMAP to MS Exchange 2016 and other versions. The software is useful to move IMAP Email to Exchange without any external support. Also, with full security, one can convert IMAP account to Exchange Server. Unlimited migration can be easily carried out by the software by following the simple steps –

Step 1.Install the software and enter login credentials (host address, username and password) for IMAP Mail migration.

Step 2.After that, provide email address and password of Exchange Server.

Step 3.Select the folder of IMAP account that you want to migrate. You can also apply filters to migrate desired mailboxes from IMAP account.

Step 4.Choose the folder of Exchange to move IMAP account mailboxes.

Step 5.Finally, hit Start Transferring button

By following these few steps, you can successfully get accurate IMAP to MS Exchange migration without any hassles.

Why not pick any manual method for IMAP to Exchange migration?

If you pick any manual solution for IMAP migration to Exchange you may come across various limitations –

  • Manually, one can migrate only email messages and items in mail folders
  • There is a limit of migration for one user mailbox with manual method
  • You must have administrator credentials to migrate the mailboxes

Benefits of the software to migrate IMAP Email Folder to Exchange

Selective migration
With this application, the migration of selected folders is possible in an effortless manner.

Excellent Windows compatibility
The software windows compatibility is incredible. It easily supports all editions of Windows and Exchange Server.

Advanced filters
To sort email messages, the application provides an advanced filter option. Use this option and filter email messages through various filters like to, cc, from, date, etc.

Smooth and error-free migration
Every time, smooth and error-free conversion of IMAP email messages to Exchange is performed by the application.

Migration report
The software offers complete details of IMAP Email folder to Exchange migration in a report that is generated in a text file at the end of the process of conversion.

Demo facility

To understand the functionality of the software, try out the demo version first that exports 25 data items from every folder of IMAP account into Exchange Server.


Pick the manual method if you find it suitable as per your needs otherwise we recommend using the professional solution. The software fulfills all requirements of users for IMAP migration to Exchange without any limitations. Also, the application migrates unlimited IMAP email messages to Exchange.