How to Migrate Windows Live Mail to Google Apps/G Suite?

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Migrate Windows Live Mail to Google Apps/G Suite directly

Moving data from the desktop to cloud is very common these days as people want to access their database every time and can't carry their heavy systems and laptops all the time with them. So, they switch to cloud-based applications whom they can access through their mobiles, tablets, etc. One query which is revolving in a huge number over the internet is how to migrate Windows Live Mail to Google Apps account. To resolve this query, we have defined some smart techniques in this article that will prove to be helpful for users.

Why users are migrating from Windows Live Mail to G Suite?

Windows Live Mail is a desktop email application that is introduced by Microsoft to replace Outlook Express. As Outlook Express stopped supporting Windows OS after Windows XP so Microsoft introduced WLM that works with later versions of Windows OS. But WLM now does not support the new application programming interfaces, therefore, users are moving towards online applications that not only help them to access the database without having a desktop with them but also provides them with several benefits. One such application is G Suite, which was formerly known as Google Apps. It is a very popular email service provided by Google. It includes facilities like Google Docs, Google Calendars, Google Talk, etc. Having a simple GUI, the app works in a fast manner. Thus, users start moving towards G Suite and this demands migration of WLM emails to G Suite.

Approaches to migrate Windows Live Mail to G Suite

Now, come to the main discussion of how WLM to G Suite migration can be performed. There are basically two approaches that are available to export WLM emails to Google Apps. Let us know them –

Manual way to export WLM emails to G Suite

Using this method, a user can migrate Windows Live Mail emails to Outlook first and then move Outlook PST file to G Suite account. This is a two-way process. So, let's get started –

Step 1. Move Windows Live Mail data

  • Launch MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail both applications on your system.
  • In Windows Live Mail, click on File – Export – Email messages
  • Choose MS Exchange option and click Next
  • Click OK button
  • Select the required folders you need to migrate and click OK
  • This will start the exporting process
  • After executing the process, you will get a notification of 'Export complete'
  • Click Finish to end the process

Step 2. Migrate into Google Apps

To migrate Outlook PST file in Google Apps, Google offers Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GAMMO) Tool. Using this, Outlook PST file can be simply moved to Google Apps account. Below are the steps for this -

  • Initially, download and install the application
  • Launch the application and enter G Suite account login credentials
  • Click OK to continue the process
  • Select your Microsoft Outlook profile and click on PST file option
  • Browse the location of PST file and select items to migrate from PST file
  • Click on Migrate button and let the process gets completed.

Shortcomings of the manual process

The manual procedure will consume a lot of time and it is a very slow process. Plus, users need to be technically strong to execute the steps. If the steps are not executed in series, this will lead to permanent data loss.

Next alternative to migrate Windows Live Mail to G Suite

If users do not want to follow the manual solution and want a direct method to migrate WLM emails to G Suite, then they can choose Softaken Windows Live Mail to Google Apps Importer Tool. The application directly imports WLM emails to Google Apps account without harming the files. Plus, data safety should be kept on top during the transfer. It allows importing selected folders or complete folders in a short span of time. Only a few steps are there with this application that can be handled without having technical knowledge. These steps include – adding Windows Live Mail EML file > Provide G Suite account details > Select Folder to import > Process.


Migrating WLM emails to Google Apps is one such ideal option to move to G Suite account and for this migration, we have discussed two solutions in the above post. Users can pick any of them as per their convenience. However, if you want a quick and easy solution then go for the software solution. It is also recommended to try a free version before moving ahead for the license edition.