How to Import Outlook Contacts into IPhone

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How to Import Contacts from Outlook into iPhone In Few Minutes

Here is the step-by-step guide to import contacts from Microsoft® Outlook in iPhone 6, 7, 8, and 10. The solution recommended here is applicable for exporting contacts from all the editions of Windows and Mac Outlook.

If you are a regular user of your Outlook Address Book then, you can import Outlook contacts in iPhone with ease. However, the task is not easy at all. In addition to this, you cannot spend a huge amount of time retyping all the contact information to the Outlook contact list.

Thus, here is an easy solution to fix the How to Import Contacts from Outlook into iPhone query. The solution recommended here is safe and secure. It is suggested to follow the guidelines carefully to avoid data loss or contact field mismatching issues.

How to Import Contacts From Outlook into iPhone?

As there is no direct alternative to import/export address book data from Outlook in iPhone so, the comprehensive import procedure is categorized into 3 steps:

Step#1: Export Contacts from MS Outlook

For Windows

  • First, open Microsoft® Outlook. After this, click on File Open Export Import/Export
  • open import
  • Choose Export to a file Next Comma Separated File (.csv) Next
  • comma separated
  • After this, highlight the Contacts folder and choose the destination location to save the output file. Once you are done this, click 'Next'
  • exported file

For Mac Outlook

  • Start the process by opening Mac Outlook and click Outlook Contacts
  • Click on File Export
  • file export
  • Select Contact to a list (tab-delimited text) option and click the right arrow
  • contact export
  • Type the name for the resultant file and select the destination location to save the file. After this, click Save Done
  • save as

By using the steps mentioned above, all your contacts in Outlook will get exported in CSV file immediately. After this process, you will be able to sort out the query how to Import Contacts from Outlook into iPhone

Step#2: Transfer Exported Contacts to vCard

A Precautionary Action:Exporting contacts to vCard from MS® Outlook account results in permanent data loss and other issues such as missing contact info, mismatched contact columns, or incorrect contact information. Thus, it is suggested to export Outlook Contacts to CSV and then perform import contacts from Outlook into iPhone with the steps given below:

For Windows:

  • Download Softaken Excel to VCard Converter Software
  • Click the Browse button and add contacts CSV which are exported.
  • After this, take a preview of the CSV contacts, click Next
  • Then, map CSV contact fields with vCard Columns
  • Choose the vCard version and check Allow to Import Empty Email Addresses, Create Single vCard file options.

For Mac

  • Download Softaken Excel to VCard Converter Software
  • Then, click on Add File button and add CSV exported contacts
  • Choose VCF as an export option and select Mac vCard
  • Map CSV Contacts with vCard Contact Fields
  • Browse the destination location and click the Export button

After the process, Outlook contacts saved in CSV will start converting in vCard file format.

Step#3: Import Outlook Contacts to iPhone

  • To start this process, compose a new email and attach the converted vCard
  • Now, send this email to your iPhone account
  • After this, open this mail on your iPhone and then click on the attachment
  • Select the Contact app to open this file
  • Once you have done this, all vCard contacts will automatically be synchronized with your iPhone Contact list

If you are willing to use your iCloud account to import contacts from Outlook into iPhone, log in to iCloud and click Contacts Settings vCard Import

Towards the End:

The usage of the iPhone is increasing day by day. This leads to arise several queries such as how to import contacts from Outlook into iPhone. Users want to have the accessibility of their data wherever they go. They want their significant data feasible. Hence, here we have discussed a simple approach to import Outlook Contacts to iPhone. The method is reliable and safe to use. Even non-technical users can use it comfortably.