How to Export Windows Live Mail to Yahoo?

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Export Windows Live Mail to Yahoo – Quick ways

A user should pick an email service that would be fruitful and effective for them. Windows Live Mail users generally are switching towards webmail applications and Yahoo is one such renowned application in today's era. It is one of the oldest email services when users do not have too many options for email communication as they have today. Yahoo is popular among users because of its interactive interface and easy handling facility. Users when export Windows Live Mail to Yahoo face several issues therefore, they need a proper solution to export the emails to Yahoo from Windows Live Mail. Considering these factors, the blog suggests a smooth technique for the same. But before discussing the solution, let us know the possible reasons to move to Yahoo.

Why chooses Yahoo? Or Benefits of Yahoo

Yahoo Mail provides several benefits therefore, users are moving towards it in large numbers –

  • Yahoo is not only an emailing service but also include added features like Yahoo messenger, Yahoo answers, Yahoo search engine, etc.
  • Provides a storage space of 25 GB for data storage in online mode that can be accessed from any platform and anywhere.
  • It provides a secure platform for users to maintain the privacy of the user database.
  • With Yahoo calendar feature, one can simply keep a track of writing deadlines.

Techniques to export emails from WLM emails to Yahoo

There are various techniques available to export Windows Live Mail emails to Yahoo. Users generally want a direct and safe solution to perform the migration. With this section, you will get two solutions, one is for those who want a free solution and other is for those who want a quick and direct solution without any time wastage.

Manual way to export WLM emails to Yahoo

To export Windows Live Mail emails to Yahoo, below are the steps –

  • Set Yahoo as an IMAP account in Windows Live Mail
  • Go to the folder having messages you need to copy to Yahoo
  • Highlight messages you want to transfer
  • Press CTRL + A after choosing one message to include all
  • Hold CTRL key, drag all messages into a preferred folder in Yahoo mailbox and drop them
  • To import messages you received in Yahoo, drop them to All Mail folder
  • Select Inbox folder to import the required emails
  • To import messages in Yahoo label, pick all folder name
  • To import the sent mail, target sent mail folder

Limitations of manual way

The manual process is an annoying method and can't be handled without prior technical knowledge. Moreover, a lot of time is being consumed by this method.

Quick solution with no errors to move WLM emails to Yahoo

To beat all the limitations of the manual technique and to import Windows Live Mail emails to Yahoo quickly, try Softaken Windows Live Mail to Yahoo Importer Tool. It is a well-examined application that manages the complete export process in a safe environment. The application is completely standalone and needs no external help. With the user-friendly interface, it is so simple to execute the steps.

  • Launch the application on any Windows machine
Launch Application
  • Upload Windows Live Mail EML files
upload EML Files
  • Enter Yahoo account login information
Login your Yahoo Account
  • Select folder of Yahoo account to save the imported files
  • Finally, place the mouse pointer to Process button

Wrapping Up

In the above write-up, we have mentioned two solutions but before moving for the manual method, let us know the demerits first. Therefore, to get rid of issues with manual solution, we suggest the software solution which is free from all issues and provide 100% accurate results all the time. Users can examine the software practically with a demo version.