How to sync contacts of MS Outlook to iCloud?

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3 Smooth Techniques to Sync Contacts of MS Outlook to iCloud

Outlook is a desktop-based email client used to store contacts including email address, phone number, birthdays etc. which helps them to smoothly send emails. Sometimes, users want to backup the Outlookcontacts to another place or send them to iPhone directly. In this case, there arises a need to sync Outlook contacts with iCloud. Then the users face challenges how to perform this? The answer of this question is guided in this useful post where we will show methods to export MS Outlook contacts to iCloud.

iCloud is one of the most popular cloud-based storage services. It is available both for Mac and Windows. Users choose iCloud service considering the security features of it. Cloud backupis more safe than local backup. Many users are still unaware of it that keeping PST contacts into iCloud is more secure and is helpful for anytime accessibility.

How to export Outlook contact files to iCloud?

Technique 1. Link Outlook PST contacts to iCloud with iCloud Control Panel

  • Download iCloud Control Panelto your system and run it. Sign In with iCloud username and password.
  • Check box for Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and tasksand click Apply.

enable autoarchive

Note: This method links all data including all emails, contacts, tasks etc. You can’t sync only contacts separately.

Technique 2. Sync Outlook contacts to iCloud with

For this method, first you have to export Outlook contacts to VCF format. To do this, follow the steps –

  • Select contactsyou need in Outlook
  • Click on Homeand choose Forward Contactand save it as a Business Card
  • save as business card
  • In the next window, right click the contacts in Attached file and choose Select All.
  • choose select all
  • Press Ctrl + Cto copy them and paste them to the desired location with Ctrl + V.
  • paste them to the desired location

Once you get vCard files, follow the steps to import vCard files to iCloud.

  • Download iCloud Control Panel
  • Sign in iCloud account on
  • Click Contacts
  • click on contacts
  • Click Gearand click on Import vCardand select Outlook contacts from your system which you have saved earlier. Click Open.
  • click on import vcard
  • You are ready to access Outlook contacts in iCloud.

Technique 3. Automated solution

Direct import of PST file contacts is not possible as iCloud uses vCard format for contacts storage. If you want to convert PST contacts into iCloud, first convert PST contacts to VCF format and then import them to iCloud storage.

1. Export PST contact details to VCF format

To export Outlook contacts to VCF format, use Softaken vCard Export Import Tooland simply extract contacts from Outlook application. Here are the steps with this utility –

  • Download and install the application on your Windows PC
  • Add PST filewith the Browseoption
  • Set an Output directory to save the resultant file
  • Click on Export Outlook contactsand this will save PST contacts into VCFformat

2. Import vCard in iCloud

Now, the users need to import vCard files in iCloud. For this, simple go through the steps –

  • Provide iCloud login details
  • Click on Contacts
  • Select Import vCard option
  • Click on Browse button and add VCF files
  • You will find Outlook contacts synced with iCloud account


We have elaborated three different techniques to link Outlook contacts with iCloud with complete working steps of this utility. Among them, the software technique is highly recommended to export Outlook contacts into vCardthat works seamlessly without any harm and data losses.