How to Import MBOX Files in Thunderbird

Few simple steps helps you to import MBOX files in Mozilla Thunderbird. Follow few setups and import *.mbox files in thunderbird easily.

First of all you need an add-on for Thunderbird. Download it from here and install it with Thunderbird application

Download Freeware Thunderbird Importer Software for Windows

If this addon is not supported by your Thunderbird version, Check Below

How to Install Addon in Thunderbird

Click on Tools and then Add-on


Then search your Add-on Name


You can also manually download addon File and import it easily by using below option


Now Click on "Add to Thunderbird" Button


Now Click on Add and then Restart


After doing this click on Tools from menu or right click on any folder and select import MBOX file option


And choose “Import directly one or more mbox files”


And easily choose your desired MBOX file for Thunderbird


Watch How to Import MBOX files in Thunderbird Screencast

Thunderbird not supported ImportExportTools Add-on?


If you are not able to install any addon in Thunderbird new version then you will get "could not be installed because it is not compatible with Thunderbird" error message.

Thunderbird development experts provided an option to opt-out of the strict extension compatible checking enforcement. While that does not necessarily mean that extensions will work if they are not listed as compatible, chance is good that they do if they have been updated recently.


Step:1 First you need to open Thunderbird

Step:2 Click on Tools and then Option


Step:3 Switch to Advance Tab

Step:4 Click on the Config Editor button under General


Step:5 Confirm that you will be careful.


Step:6 Search for extensions.strictCompatibility.


Step:7 Double-click on the preference and make it false


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Impossibile to Import in this folder (imap or newsgroup type)

imap error

If you are getting Impossibile to Import in this folder (imap or newsgroup type) error message then select Local Folder and then import

local folder