How to View Windows File on Mac & Can MBOX Help

Windowsand Macare two different operating systems. Windows supports Outlooks 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and the latest 2016. They are known as Outlook for Windows. Mac supports Outlook 2011 and 2016 which known as Outlook for Mac. Separate email clients have been launched for these two different OS. If you are a Windows user and wanted to switch to Mac, it is important to transfer all your emails for Windows to Mac. PST for Outlookis a common file format that has been using by many users of Windows. OLM and MBOX support email clients that operate on Mac. Conversion of PST to OLM or PST to MBOX can allow you to view your Windows files on Mac.

Use of MBOX File?

MBOXis a standard email storage format that organizes email messages in a single text file and saves messages in a concatenated format. It supports Apple Mail, MS Outlook 2016 and Mozilla Thunderbird of Mac. Moreover, the file extension allows to view PST data on Mozilla Thunderbird of Linux and Windows.

Conversion from Outlook to MBOX is something that you can achieve with the help of Outlook to Thunderbird converter. Search online to find the best deal on the conversion program. One search would be enough to locate a reputed software centre over the internet like Softaken. A professional PST File to MBOX program has multiple features.

  • Capable to export complete export of PST to MBOXincluding emails, content, messages, address books, notes and journals
  • Conversion capability is of high quality. No files are damaged and lost during migration process. The tool retains quality by efficiently export files containing non-English characters. All data of emails are restored including CC, BCC, From and To.
  • Preview of conversion is possible. software has a “preview” button to feature the converted data in a pane-structure format.
  • “Select” the file you want to export. PST Convertersupports migration of only selected files effortlessly.
  • Free trial to understand the key features of the program is available.