How to Fix Popup Window “Contacting the server for information”

While trying to compose an email, replay to an email and forward an email, a window “contacting the server for information” can appear. The window stops you to perform several other Outlook tasks. It is frustrating to deal with the situation if you are in hurry to send emails. Being a proficient Outlook users, it is very important to find out the reason why this window has popup.

“Outlook displays the window when trying to load content in an email but the content downloading is slow or the content is creating problem to download due to its location issues.”

contacting the server

There are several reasons when such content is required by Outlook…

  • In case Outlook is automatically inserted a signature containing an image file loaded from a network path
  • In case Outlook inserts a file attachment from a network path automatically
  • In case it is required to load a template or theme containing resources from a network path
  • With the help of an add-in email content is trying to load from a network path

A few simple things need to keep in mind to stop this window popping up in your Outlook:

  • The network connection should be fast and proper
  • The files loading from network connection are not removed
  • If facing the problem, it’s better to edit the content and loaded it from the local disk