How Import Outlook Express DBX into MS Outlook

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3 Ways to Import Outlook Express DBX Files into Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

The article focuses on the most important requirement of today's computer users how to Import Outlook Express DBX Files into Outlook. The entire article provides a comprehensive and automated solution in the email migration category.

Export Outlook Express DBX File to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007

The complete guide provides a piece of essential information on the Outlook Express to Outlook PST conversion procedure. It also emphasizes the methods using which users can export DBX files to Outlook PST when both Outlook & Outlook Express are installed in the same machine. Everybody knows that MS Outlook Express is a free email client that comes with a simple GUI as a mailing program. The emails and account information can be quickly and easily exported from Microsoft Outlook Express to Outlook. In the Outlook Express email application, all the folders are associated in a single file. In easy terms, we can say that Outlook Express Inbox Folders have a single file named Inbox.dbx.

However, in Microsoft Outlook, every mail message is saved as a specific file. For example, users have a separate machine to access Outlook and Outlook Express, they can find and copy all the folders as the requirement to transfer Inbox.dbx to Outlook.

Ways to Import Outlook Express DBX Files into Outlook

Here are some simple and easy techniques to import Outlook Express emails to Microsoft Outlook:

Method#1: Both the Outlook and Outlook Express are Configured on the Same Machine

First, open the Import and Export Tool to move DBX files into PST. Select any one option depending on the MS Outlook version installed on your computer.

  • Open MS Outlook 2010 and click on File Open Import
  • In Outlook 2007, Open the File menu and click on Import and Export option
  • import export option
  • After this, click on Import-Internet Mail and Addresses Next
  • import internet mail
  • Choose MS Outlook Express and then select Import-mail-checkbox
  • Now, click on Next then click on the Finish button and then the save in Inbox option can be chosen. Save in Inbox saves the copy of import summary in the Inbox to export .dbx files to Outlook.

Method#2: Outlook and Outlook Express working on Different Machines

To use this method, first, search the location of the files. Then, it is easy to export emails through the Import-Export Wizard. The stored files of Outlook Express should be on the machine where Outlook is already configured to export Inbox.dbx to Outlook.

To copy the MS Outlook Express information to the shared location, move OE to Outlook. The user needs to copy the folders to that machine in which Outlook is already configured.

Follow the given below step-by-step process of Import Outlook Express DBX Files into Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007:

  • To begin the process, Copy Outlook Express Folders
  • Then, Go to the Tools menu, in Outlook Express Program in which the Outlook Express Email account has been setup
  • After this, click on Options and then Maintenance tab
  • maintenance
  • Select Outlook Express Program Dialog Box and click on the Stored Folder
Important to Note: Make sure about the path as briefed in Dialog Box for storing location.

A Useful Tip: It is significant for users to keep a record of the storage location while exporting emails from MS Outlook Express to Outlook. The storage location can be used some other time while the steps are executed. For quick performance, select the information in the field and hit CTRL+C to copy the files and then open the Notepad and use the command CTRL+V to paste it.

If you want to change the default view, you can do so in Windows Explorer to check the hidden Folders. It should be changed because the MS Outlook Express folder is located inside/hidden folder. The users can choose any option to migrate DBX files to Outlook for importing Account Name and Settings from Outlook Express. Follow the easy steps given below:

  • For Microsoft® Outlook 2010, click open and choose Import on the tab for file
  • For Microsoft Outlook 2007, choose Import and export present in File Menu
  • You can even select Import-Internet-Mail-Account-Settings and Click on Next
  • internet setting
  • Select Outlook Express and click 'Next'

Once the process is over, use the same steps mentioned above where Outlook and Outlook Express are installed on the same or different machines.

An Automated Way Out to Import Outlook Express DBX Files into Outlook

It is seen many times that users feel that buying the software application is a waste of money but the fact is, the automated tools can solve the problem quickly and easily. Third-party software solutions are the most reliable and secure ways to solve the problems. They are a time-saving option. By chance, if some mailboxes in bulk faild to migrate in single attempt, the best option is to utilize outside software such as Softaken DBX to PST Converter tool. It is a simplified solution to convert DBX files into PST.

This application is an easy way out to import Outlook Express DBX files into Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007. The tool comes with several advantages too. You can trust its working process. It is trustworthy all over the world. The tool facilitates the users with bulk email migration of the files. It can export DBX files into PST and in other file formats as well.

Along with this, the tool doesn't require keeping Outlook on your PC for the conversion. It is suggested that users should at least give a try to import Outlook Express DBX files into Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007.

Conclusion: Users look for the manual methods initially. However, manual are not easy to use. If by any chance they are easy to use, they will consume your huge amount of time. Manual methods are complicated and require expertise from you. In such a scenario, professional help through Softaken DBX to PST Converter is highly recommended. The software performs DBX to PST conversion smoothly and safely.