How to Change MS Outlook Password

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3 Fantastic Ways to Change Password in MS Outlook

MS Outlook is one of the most trusted email clients in the globe. The Microsoft product has been updated multiple times to enhance the user’s experience. For data security reasons, MS Outlook allows its users to lock the file with a specific password. According to security professionals, it is necessary to change your Outlook password regularly to avoid the incidence of data hacking.

It is recommended to change the password every month or two-month. Unfortunately, everyone is an expert in changing their passwords as it requires technical skills. In this article, you will come to know about the ways to change MS Outlook passwords manually as well as with third-party email clients.

If you are planning to update the profile passwords in Outlook, follow these quick steps:

  • Email account with an email provider (Microsoft 365, Gmail, iCloud, Exchange server, etc.)
  • A desktop utility such as MS Outlook
Remember, if you change the password of the Outlook desktop client, your email provider password doesn’t change. Hence, you require updating the password of your email provider as well. Below are ways to change your Outlook password.

Change your MS Outlook client password

If you have taken the Microsoft 365 monthly subscription plan:

  • In Outlook, from the File option take your cursor to the Account Settings optionand then Update Password.
  • Regenerate or update the password and click on the ‘OK’ tab

If you have the MS Office 365 semi-annual plan with the license of Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, or 2010, below are the process to follow:

  • Go to File ->Info ->Account Settings ->Manage Profiles

Manage Profiles

  • In the Mail Setup wizard, press the tab ‘Email Accounts’

Email Accounts

  • From the account settings wizard, select ‘Email’and then select the ‘Change’button.

Change Button

  • From the ‘Change Account’wizard, take the cursor to the ‘Logon information’section to enter the password and then press the ‘Next’tab.

Logon Information

  • Now, keep patience and let Outlook work for you. The message of successful completion will appear with the green checked sign. It means the process is over now. Close the windows by clicking on the ‘Close’button.

Close button

Changing the Password of Your

If you are using to manage your emails, below are the steps to change the password.

  • First, log in to your account, go to the ‘Security’ page and then press the ‘Change my password’ tab in ‘Password Security’.

Password Security

  • Next, provide the current password and then write the new password and reenter the new password. Finally, click on the ‘Save’ button to proceed.

Save Button

It is how you can change the password

Professional tool to set a new Outlook password

If you have forgotten your password and are looking for an easy way to reset the password of MS Outlook, the Softaken Outlook Password Recoverytool is one of the best solutions. It is a straightforward app for resetting and recovery of the password of Outlook. It offers dual options by letting your set a new password or removing the existing password of PST files. These are the top features of the app that make it an outstanding application.

  • Help to recover password in just three easy steps
  • Support two different tasks- removal of password and reset of password
  • Allow users to remove password of multiple PST files at a time
  • Capable of removing password of as many as PST files you want
  • Save the unlocked PST files to the user’s specified location
  • Allow users to manually reset the password of PST files
  • Support all MS Outlook versions including the latest and older ones

The user interface (UI) of the app doesn’t require technical assistance. The tool performs dual tasks together or a single task at a time as per your comfort. It gives users full control over its key features. It helps to set a new password at the bottom of the program. The tool has two interactive wizards.

With the help of the password recovery program, it is convenient to remove the password of PST files. Softaken offers the free version of the app for a limited duration. It is an opportunity to closely evaluate the efficiency of the program.

  • Remove Password
  • Set New Password

Here are the steps to follow after downloading Softaken PST Password Removal-

  • Launch the application on your system to start recovery.

PST Password Recovery

  • Browse PST files with two smart filtrations- Browse PST File and Browse Folder. Then, click on the “Next Button” for further steps.

remove pst password

  • Select “Remove Password” to remove passwords from PST files or select “Reset Password” to add new password. Click on the “Process” tab to start the password removal process.

PST password removal


In this Article, we have discussed the top three methods to change the passwords in MS Outlook. Manual ways are difficult to follow and are time-consuming. Hence, we recommend Softaken Outlook Password Recovery to recover back your Outlook files.