Tips to Maintain Outlook Security

Outlook is one of the most favourite desktop email clients offering smart management of emails. It has default security settings to secure your data. The pre-defined template for security can be implemented with some restrictions. If you have administrative rights, you can able to maintain the organizational needs by making changes accordingly. The Outlook security settings cannot be modified if you have the local PST file.

Precaution: while bringing some changes in the security setting, don’t forget to go through the prevention clauses because improper changes may make virus flow bitter.

Outlook Security Settings’ Tools

To personalize MS Exchange security settings, choose OutlookSecurity.oft. It is an Outlook template.

The tool is used by security template to manage and control COM ADD-Ins which is known as Hastctl.dil, another file under Outlook security settings

Comdlg32.ocx carries the trusted code control. After selection of COM ADD Ins, users will come across this trust code control file.

The collection of templates deploying Exchange Server Settings which is under Readme.doc file, this is the fourth file of the security settings.

Steps to make changes in default security settings are

  • The system installed with Outlook has Outlook Security.oft in the folder of Outlook Security tools
  • Choose Outlook Security folder, which is available into Compose mode
  • In the Tools menu, find out Publish Form into Forms
  • In the Form box, type Outlook Security Form
  • Publish security settings of the Security folder using Publish tab. When you finish the task, close the Outlook Security Template.
  • In the drop-down section, get New tab and select “Choose From”
  • Move to navigation of Template that has been recently created and right after click on “Open”
  • For defined set of Outlook users, create custom settings to secure your Outlook

Many different ways are available to set security of Outlook

While you have administrative rights, you will be encouraged to make changes in the security of your Outlook two times. It is must to provide complete credential details, otherwise, the message “Operation Failed” will appear. It means the security settings are available but are not present in a healthy mode.