Reasons that Encourage to Use Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is one of the best creations of the Microsoft Company. The software has been designed to make emailing faster, safer and convenient. Email management is a challenging task in many corporate. But Exchange Server upgraded versions have increased the reliability of email functions with its advanced level security, concern about downtime and drains on IT time and budget, and sufficient amount of communication possibilities. Below are some key features that play an important role in using Microsoft Exchange Server.

Protection of the Sensitive Data & Let users aware with Internal Compliance Policies

MS Exchange Server keeps your organization data safe by preventing you to send sensitive information to unauthorized people. The DLP feature monitor and protect sensitive data through content analysis. The DLP policies are according to regulatory standards like PCI and PII and are extensible.

Allow Users to Make Collaboration on Projects & Smooth Data Sharing

Project communication is easy. It has capacity to make new users visible the old communications on a project and access of current data.

Protection against Email Threats

It has built-in defence power. Multi-layer spam capacity is updated from time to time to protect you against spam and phishing threats.

Keep Users Connected with their Email Account

Operate your Exchange Server account from the portable device like mobiles and tablets. It works smooth on mobile devices and keeps you connected with your important mails.

Flexibility to Switch to the Cloud

According to your own terms, you can able to switch to the cloud. Whether it is management of a hybrid deployment with mailboxes on-premises or cloud overnight boarding, you are able to do this without any interruption.

Easy Management of Messages

The email platform supports MS Office Outlookwhich has advanced features designed to make contact and email management trouble-free and simple. It has high quality support for contact management, voice mail storage and calendar features.


Customize your Exchange Server account by integrating your choice web-based applications and Outlook web app.

Exchange Server 2016 has been launched in the IT Market. The version has some upgraded features to make your email management experience more powerful and effective. If you are using Exchange Server or you are new for the software, 2016 could be a smart choice.

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