Microsoft Outlook

MS Outlook is a premium email client for professional and personal usages. Microsoft has launched many updated versions of Microsoft Outlook to provide a world-class email storage and management experience. The personal information manager is used as an email application that includes a task manager, calendar, contact manager, journal, web browsing and note taking.

MS Outlook File Extensions

It is used as stand-alone app and can work with MS ShartPoint Server for group email conversation and MS Exchange Server. More than 500 million users of MS Office prefer MS Outlook application for email management.

Microsoft is continuously working on Microsoft email client and has been launched Windows Mobile devices like iOS and Android to operate all types Outlook data on MS Office Mobile.

Below are some key points to Microsoft Outlook to notice:

Exchange ActiveSync Support

The feature allows users to stay connected with their important meetings, messages and contacts. You can receive push-based emails, appointments or contacts. Push-based is a method of delivering or receiving emails in real time.

Navigation Bar

Customize the Navigation Bar as per your choice. Change the order of the Outlook views in the Navigation Bar. Click the “View” button to open the “Navigation Options”. Choose the number of visible items and “Move Up or Move Down”. That’s it.

Stay Connected Socially

Your social network is managed efficiently by this email application of Microsoft. Outlook Social Connector plays an important role in Outlook to integrate you with social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. This is a must have add-in.

Import Mails from Email Clients

MS Outlook supports importing messages from Outlook Express, POP3 and IMAP (it means users can import messages from protocols like Gmail. With the help of MS Hotmail Connector add-in, users can import data from their Hotmail account.

Contact & Schedule Management Easily

Without rearranging your emails or put a hold on your thought, you can take a peek at your appointment, a task and a schedule.

Manage contact by allowing users to view multiple contacts in a single view. Save time of users by avoiding duplicate contacts. Users can view social network updates of contacts as well.

Share your calendar with ease. Multiple users can view your calendar, update it and respond it.

Fast Search

Microsoft has improved its “Search” option to make email communication more smooth and fast. Easily locate specific emails, attachments or appointments.

Filter files with just one click. Filter the latest contact, a week before or month. There are several ways to filter files.

Interesting Features

Ctrl+Y – To insert an emoticon

Ctrl+3 – Visit the address book

Shift+E – To create a new folder

Whether Bar – Check the forecast of weather to schedule your trip without any hassle.

Microsoft Outlook Version

Outlook 97 (8.0), 98 (8.5), 2000 (9.0), 2002 (10), 2003 (11), 2007 (12), 2010 (14), Outlook 2013 (15) and Outlook 2016 …………

Outlook 2013 Features

  • Attachment reminder
  • Preview messages in the message list
  • Response with just a click
  • Customize your inbox
  • Take a quick glance of your appointment or schedule about someone you are emailing

New Version of MS Outlook 2016 for Windows
New Outlook 2016 is available for Windows Users – Now users can use new version of MS Outlook application. This new version will help you to communicate and manage emails, contacts, tasks, calendars more efficiently.

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