Learn More about Your Window Live Hotmail

The is one of the oldest web email services that offer free mailing. Like Gmail and Yahoo, Hotmail has several attractive features. It is user friendly and has outstanding security. You can use Hotmail for business and personal purposes. It is taking care by an IT giant, Microsoft.

The Hotmail account can be expired if you don’t login within 270 days. For new users, it is necessary to login within 10 days of first signing. Hotmail has updated its features to stay competitive in the free web email service. It offers ad free email service that distinguishes it from other free email services.


In the point of security, Hotmail security is of A-grade. Like Gmail, Hotmail has HTTPS for the entire sessions from login to sending and receiving emails.

View, Edit and Send Office Docs without Downloading

This is something that makes work hassles free. There is no need to download an office .doc to make changes on it. You can view as well as edit them in the web mail. It automatically gets saved on Skydrive. For this it is necessary for you to email the particular document to yourself.

Real Time Document Collaboration

If you want to work untidily or you and members of office want to work in a same document at the same time they can do this in the new Hotmail account. Click on the file that is present on the Skydrive of the sender of the document to view it online. You can easily notice the number of people editing the same file. It shows at the right of the bottom of the file. It allows to check the changes instantly.

Sending a Number of Files

Due to integration with Skydrive, Hotmail allows you to send up to 10 GB files in a single mail. The amazing thing is that the Skydrive service lets Hotmail 25 GB space for attached documents.

Sending and Viewing Images

Hotmail makes image sharing easy. It has a separate photo button between the docs and attachment sidebars to install large numbers of photos at a time. These images are downloaded in the Skydrive and the recipient receives a link of it.

Easy Filter

There are some excellent filter modes that have been introduced with new Hotmail version. It allows you ato filter social updates, contacts and emails with just a few simple clicks.

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